UCF & FAU Accelerated BSN Program

  1. Is anybody currently enrolled or previously enrolled in the UCF or FAU accelerated BSN program? On average, how many hours a week do you spend in class and how many hours a week do you spend in clinical. Do you have class or clinicals on Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

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  3. by   danceluver
    did you get any information about your question? I'd be interested to know as well
  4. by   nurse1073
    At UCF, every semester changes but the first two semesters you have clinicals Thursday and Friday. The last two semester you have clinicals more often. Honestly, the program is so disorganized I would not be surprised if these days.
  5. by   scoss
    Regarding FAU, Maureen Brooks the Program Assistant replied to my e-mail that "currently the accelerated students are in clinical or class approximately 40 hours per week. Time requirements outside of class/clinical rotations vary from 15-20 hours per week for assignments, studying, projects, papers. Some days begin as early as 6 am and others will end as late as 8 pm. This will vary from semester to semester. No weekends."
  6. by   scoss
    Nurse 1073,

    Thanks for the info! Did you have or do you know if they have clinicals on Saturday and Sunday? Unfortunately I will have to work 12 hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday. So... if they have clinicals on Saturday or Sunday this is not the right program for me. Thanks for any info, I'm just trying to pick the program that is best for me.
  7. by   amcconaghy
    For FAU there are no clinicals on Saturdays or Sundays. We are strongly discouraged from working outside of the program, but not working is not an option for me. I know there are people who study A LOT, and others not much at all.

    Schedules vary depending on which clinical group you are placed in as well as changes made from year to year when they decide something isn't working how they would like. Regardless, this has been my schedule thus far -

    Summer 2011:

    M: Class 9-4:20
    T: Skills lab 9-4:20
    W: Class 9-12:20
    Th: Nothing
    F: Clinicals beginning around 6:30/7:00 - 2 weeks of 4 hour days/ 4 or weeks (i think) of 8 hour days/ and 2 weeks of 12 hour days

    Fall 2011:

    M: Class 10-6:50
    T: Clinicals 6:30 - 2:30
    W: Class 9-2:50
    Th: Clinicals 6:30-6:30
    F: Clinicals 6:30 - 2:30 (for only the first 6 weeks of the semester - nothing after that)

    Spring 2011: still up in the air, but it looks like I will be off Mondays, have clinicals from 7:00-3:00 on Tuesdays, have class all day Wednesday, and have 2 12 hour clinicals on Thursdays and Fridays for the first 6 weeks (the second 6 weeks will be our internship in which we will do 2 12s between Thursday-Monday at hopefully the hospital and department of our choosing). In addition we will take one additional class in either online or in class format.

    There have been some organizational issues that pop up at the beginning of every semester. Be prepared to change your schedule around and throw in some extra time for things not on your schedule. I haven't run into too many issues with work conflicts but since they are not REQUIRING that we do not work, I have not been hesitant to let them know if last minute changes interfere with my static work schedule.

    Aside from minor irritants, I have enjoyed the program. Hopefully they get the kinks worked out for the class of 2013!

    Good luck to you all
  8. by   nurse1073
    There are no scheduled clinicals on the weekend at UCF. I know one group that had to work one Saturday but I'm sure you can work that out with your clinical instructor. I don't mean to sound negative but you won't be able to work 12 hour shifts over the weekends. There is so much work and so little time, especially when they throw things at you last minute.
  9. by   scoss
    Thank you so much amcconaghy! This was exactly the information I was looking for!
  10. by   Farie
    Hi guys!

    Is it possible to speak with someone, via telephone, who is currently in the program or have graduated from the program? I have too many questions.

    Thanks in advance!