Trying to advance from a RN to a Midwife...plz help

  1. Hello to all ... Im hoping that u guys can help me answer a question and i hope im not being a bother... Im currently doing my associates degree to become a RN in Barbados (which is in the caribbean), im now in my 3rd and final yr... after which i would like 2 go on to study midwifery IMMEDIATELY.

    Here in Barbados the requirements to study midwifery is one yrs exp as a RN then a one yr certifcate programme in midwifery at the same college I'm at now and so i wouldn't be able to continue my studies immediately.

    Wat i'd really like to find out is if there are any institutions that facilitate the studying of midwifery in Florida as a speciality/certificate course for like 1 or even 2 yrs( like we do here in barbados) as opposed to doing the entire 3 yr program since i would by then be a RN.

    I've searched the internet but i couldn't find any info and since i have no friends in florida in this field i decided to turn to u guys for help.

    Thank u guys so much in advance for entertaining my question... any feedback on this matter... any at all... will be greatly appreciated
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    good to have you with us.

    if you are planning to work here, you will have to have minimum of msn (masters in nursing) and graduate from an accredited midwifery program. there are midwife programs for those who already have msn and only need a post-graduate certificate. you would be a certified nurse midwife (cnm) and practice as an advanced practice registered nurse (aprn), much the same as the nurse practitioner (np) aprn and the clinical nurse specialist (cns) aprn only your specialty would be midwifery.

    in florida, check here:

    university of miami

    i hope this helps you. enjoy the site here at
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    Thanks so much for ur speedy reply... Ur reply me has helped me understand the things i need 2 put in place... just one more question tho... in order for me to acheive any upward mobility at all in terms of specialising in any other fields of nursing i wud have to have my MSN or wud a BSN suffice? Thanks again for the welcome and ur previous reply!
  5. by   sirI
    Hello, again....

    It all depends where in your interests lie. If you plan on advanced practice, you will be required to obtain MSN as I outlined. If you desire to teach nursing, an MSN is required in almost every situation and then, a PhD is the norm or at least working on the PhD. Some programs allow the BSN prepared nurse to teach in Practical Nursing programs and if teaching in an ADN program, MSN prepared....some, BSN prepared and working on the MSN. It all depends upon the program .

    You need to determine what your long term goals are in nursing and that will dictate what type of degree you will need to seek.

    Good luck.