Tell me "what not to miss" while I am in FL for the next 4 weeks... - page 2

I'll be driving all over the state for the next 4 weeks, from jacksonville to miami to key west to tampa and pensacola and all points in between....tell me the best sights/restaurants/bargains / in... Read More

  1. by   passing thru
    Thanks so much ! I researched Cayo Coasta and I think we will sacrifice Busch Gardens to take that trip....either way, whether we sacrifice Busch or not, (we determined from the outset Disney world was OUT !)
    Thanks for the tips....I was concerned re: where I am from, if you have a flat or engine trouble, hoodlum predators are more likely to find you and rob/kill/ you before the tow truck has time to arrive.
    Anyway, route 41 and cayo coasta are a go !!
    I will write you all back on this thread in July and tell you what I saw !
  2. by   SWFlorida
    If you break down dont worry. There are plenty of nice people around to help you out. No ones going to leave someone stranded on the road with kids.