Tampa General vs. St.Josephs-Where to work?

  1. HI Everyone! I'm new to this but I have a question that I'm hoping I can get insight on. Have you ever worked at Tampa General or St.Joseph's Womens Hospital? I have had a job offer from each and unsure which one to choose. TGH is about $1./hr more but seem to offer about the same otherwise, I thought. If you have worked at either hospital please give me any imput you have. Thanks. I need to make my decision soon. Recently moved to Tampa and the hour and half drive to the other job I still have is awlful. Thanks
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    You've probably made your decision by now.... The only real difference is that TGH is on an island and you have to pay for parking in the employee parking garage or ride a shuttle bus from remote parking for free. Also, the shift-change traffic can be frustrating, as there is only one way to the hospital. At St. Joseph's you don't pay to park. TGH has a better cafeteria.