Tampa General Parathyroid Surgery

  1. I'm a L&D nurse from Illinois, but I am looking into endocrine surgeons due to some parathyroid issues. I'm not looking for medical advice, but I'm just wondering if anyone is familiar with Tampa General Hospital, Dr. James Norman, the MIRP procedure, or this website: http://www.parathyroid.com/about-Parathyroid.htm
    This website looks legit and it's very informative, but I'm kind of leery about finding a physician via the internet. If anyone has any experience with these topics I would greatly appreciate your input, or if you would rather, PM me. Thanks!
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I am so sorry that you are having issues with your parathyroid. However, we at All Nurses can't endorse or provide info regarding particular MD's and/or hospitals. I would suggest that you contact the AMA in FL. Another option would be to get a recommendation from an MD in IL familiar with this MD's work in FL.

    Good luck.