Tampa Bay LPN student looking for correctional nursing info

  1. Hello, I am an LPN student about to graduate in two months. I have an interest in working at the local county jails in the Tampa Bay area (Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco). I am looking for information from anyone that works in these facilities or knows someone working there. I'm wondering about if it is a 12 hr or 8 hr shift (so I can do a LPN to RN program). Any personal experiences in these facilities, and what to expect to make sure I feel like this is a good fit for me. Reading the threads and meeting other nurses who work in the jails makes me really excited, especially since I'm going to be a new grad and dont have many options other than Long Term Care or ALFs. So ANY! information would be helpful.

    Does any one know why the pay rate in Clearwater is so much higher than in Hillsborough or Pasco? Thanks in advance!!!
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  3. by   didi768
    I tried Falkenburg. Loved the inmates, hated the nurses lol. They wanted me to just go start an IV when I had never touched one in my life and the med pass has to be super fast. You get free meals but it's jailed food, need I say more?
    The men's sick hall/building smells like a rotten gym locker, but other wise I'm sure there are those who love it there.
    Where did you end up?