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  1. Hello everyone! I currently have my BSN and have had my RN license since Feb 2011. I worked at LRMC from mar-july and my position there was terminated from about 150 layoffs. I have began applying and it is really daunting because I am still considered a new graduate and it sucks having to explain why I was laid off. Good news is tha LRMC was on the news so I really didn't have much to explain. I recently got a job interview with FL Zephryhills but turned down the final interview b/c they only offered $19/hr and $23 for nights. I was making $30 for nights at LRMC and although as a new grad I can't be picky but I'm srry that is working for pocket change to take 6 patients. Any place hiring new nurses right now??? Willing to travel/move.
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  3. by   ashburns4ever
    Personally I would have taken that job and continued to look around. At least you would have been making some cash. If you have back up money I guess that would be a different story lol. From what I have heard the average pay for new grads is $19/HR in Pasco. Good luck
  4. by   Missy89
    Well that sucks, I won't be applying there again. I currently make $23 at a SNF so no I couldn't take that low of a pay... I have another job interview next week so hope they pay better because I just cannot do $19/hour..
  5. by   cashlock
    Does anyone know what New Grad BSN's make in the ED at LRMC? Thanks!
  6. by   showe2
    What is LRMC? I'm going to be new to the area.. and shopping around for a new job myself...