Stressed out freshman... FSU, UNF, UF, or...?

  1. Hi all,

    I am currently a freshman at Auburn University. I have taken 25 hours (not many I know), but my GPA is not where it should be to be on track for Nursing School. I have under a 3.0 after this semester. With my GPA, even with getting all A's in remaining courses and even retaking some courses I didn't do so well in, I would not be at the competitive level for Auburn.

    I know FSU and UF both will take the average of retaken courses (ie. first try got a C, second time got an A, averaged to a B). I do love Nursing and would love to graduate with a BSN, but I am so worried I won't get in anywhere and I'll have to change my major and push my graduation date back even further.

    I guess my main question is, does anyone have any insight to other BSN programs I should start looking into? What was your GPA getting into these programs?
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  3. by   SherBear808
    Hi ebauburn97!

    I'm currently a UNF nursing student in the Accelerated program. My stats were - prereq GPA 3.86/TEAS - 355. As for retaking classes, it depends. What is your pre-req GPA? Also, what classes would you be retaking? I took my pre-reqs at UNF. If we didn't pass A&P I with a B or better, than we couldn't move on to A&P II without retaking A&P I. If you're weak in A&P, I highly recommend you retake those classes or do a refresh on the information. The nursing program will assume that you have a good understanding of the organ systems. With that being said, don't be discouraged to apply. The interview is a big part of the decision process. If your GPA/TEAS score is mediocre, be sure to do very well in the interview. I hope this helps and best of luck