Starn Program Kendall 2017

  1. Hello, I apply to Starn program at Kendall if I'm not mistaking is strat in august. I got an email saying my application is under consideration and it should wait for a call. Is anyone is on the same track? Any info on the program? Thanks in Advance
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  3. by   wannabmidwife
    I got the same email around that time and nothing since.
  4. by   nenitabani
    Yeah nothing yet
  5. by   T72456
    Me too... Nothing yet
  6. by   MamaRNof5
    Anyone heard anything yet? The posting is still up
  7. by   Babynurse76
    Let me give you some good advice. Go to the career fair that they are having at Mercy next week. They had one in Kendall yesterday and were giving on the spot interviews and offers. Bring a resume and patience. They have recruiters and are looking for all of their facilities. Seriously, go.
  8. by   Nurse Chevy
    I went to the job fair at Northwest in broward. I just got the call from the recruiter that I was accepted. I'm happy that I went to the job fair. A friend of mine did it for plantation hospital 3 years ago and she loved it. The pay isn't all that great within the first year but the exposure/experience is great so I'm cool with it. I can't wait to start in august.
  9. by   nenitabani
    anything new for Kendall. do you guys have any ideas when they will have like a job fair .
  10. by   RNRNPG
    Hi guys!
    I applied for the StaRN program a few weeks ago and got the same email you guys received. Did they contact any of you yet? Did the program already started? How do I know if they are still looking for candidates?
  11. by   DMG332
    Hi! Did you apply for the STARN program after you had your RN license or did you start the process before? I currently live in PA but I plan to move to Florida once I graduate. I don't know how soon to start applying to hospitals in Florida. Hospitals here in PA start interviewing even before you have graduated. Any information is greatly appreciated!!
  12. by   T72456
    I recently got into the kendal program. Just waiting to know if my start date is in December or january.
  13. by   FL.nurse18
    Same here, was told I should start in December but have't gotten a confirmation yet
  14. by   T72456
    Ok cool. I got hired for ER. How about you?