St Josephs Children's Hospital New Grad Program

  1. Hey guys!! I am considering taking a position at St Josephs for the new graduate nurse residency program. I am coming from out of state and know nothing about the hospital. Has anyone participated in this program or work for this hospital? I would love more information.
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  3. by   dogunrinde
    Hey! were you accepted into the residency program?
  4. by   almostBSNRN
    Yes I did! Did you accept an offer?
  5. by   dogunrinde
    I haven't gotten a call back :/ they said that everyone would know by May 1st. Do you think they already told everyone who got a spot?
  6. by   dogunrinde
    Do you have to make a decision by a certain date?
  7. by   almostBSNRN
    I had to decide by Monday and ended up declining the offer. I hope you hear something soon!
  8. by   SA1234
    Hi! I just wanted to let you know that it is a great hospital. I completed my clinical rotations here throughout school, and I actually just accepted a position in the residency program so I hope to see you there!
  9. by   almostBSNRN
    Have you heard anything from them after accepting the position?
  10. by   SA1234
    Hi! I heard from the recruiter that offered the position that I should hear from her in the beginning of June about scheduling an appointment for employee health. Did you end up accepting a position?