Seminole State - UCF Concurrent BSN Spring 2013

  1. Hello everyone that is applying in September for the SSC/UCF program. I wanted to start a board to communicate with the spring 2013 applicants.

    I'm done with my prerequisites and preparing the take the TEAS now. I'm excited and nervous about the application process. Good luck to everyone!=)
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  3. by   kabooski
    Same here. Wrapping up my last class this Saturday for my A.A, and then its off to study hard for the Teas. I also got accepted as an undergrad at fhchs., but I would need to take 4 or 5 extra classes $$

    good luck!
  4. by   coles
    Funny, I applied to fhchs too and noticed they had extra classes as well. I'm hoping to get into SSC/UCF. My bf's sister just got done with the SSC nursing part of the concurrent program. She just has to finish up the UCF requirements. She told me the program is not bad at all.
  5. by   vtijerino
    hi there spring 2013 applicants! im in the same boat here, will be applying in september. good luck!
  6. by   Medic2RN
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  7. by   chavon13
    I'm also applying for the Spring 2013 program at Seminole. I know the deadline is Sept. 14, but I wonder when we will actually get decisions?
  8. by   Gradius
    The SSC/UCF program was my #1 choice initially but then I saw that scheduling would make work nearly impossible. So I probably won't apply but if I do... 3.87 GPA here. Wouldn't be applying to concurrent, AS only, have a prior BA already so I might want to do the RN to MSN one day instead.
  9. by   lostinfl
    Hey everyone! Nice to meet you. I will be applying for the Spring 2013 program as well. I've had prereqs done since spring 11 and hoping to make it in the first attempt. Good luck to everyone!
  10. by   chruiz
    I'm planning to apply as well! I am submitting my UCF Daytona/Cocoa application tomorrow. Hopefully I get into one of these programs. Good luck everyone!
  11. by   iwantobeafuturenurse
    Hey everyone! The application is open and the deadline is soon! I turned in my app today. Good luck to everyone. How many others have turned in an app?
  12. by   lostinfl
    I applied the first day the application window opened. I was also in a weird coincidence the very 1st person to turn in an application. I too am curious as to how many people applied.

    Good luck to all applicants!
  13. by   vtijerino
    Good luck to everyone!!

    I submitted my concurrent ucf app yesterday and will be dropping off my ssc application today. I had some doubts about the GPA question in the ucf application and was wondering if anyone else questioned this as well... I have not taken any classes at ucf and at the time of application I believe my overall gpa has not yet been recalculated by ucf. The ucf nursing app asks for your overall gpa so i simply used my seminole state gpa. Is this how others interpreted this as well?

  14. by   lostinfl
    Yes Val,

    I put my cumulative GPA on my UCF application. They will most likely compare them to the transcripts you send them anyways.

    Good luck!