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Hello everyone that is applying in September for the SSC/UCF program. I wanted to start a board to communicate with the spring 2013 applicants. I'm done with my prerequisites and preparing the... Read More

  1. by   TravelPrincess
    Anyone who is an alternate and/or is wait listed please let me know if you have gotten in. I am kind of disappointed at the lack of communication from both schools. I had simple questions and have not gotten a reply from either. Also, did anyone on here get into the basic RN program? I finished my prereqs in Spring 2010 so thought I should have gotten into that program since they told me at the information LAST year they accepted applicants who finished their prereqs in 2010. However, I do know the pool is always different. It is just frustrating to be on hold for so long as I am big on planning! Thanks a lot!
  2. by   dlei
    Hi! I was also waitlisted. I applied with a 3.7 overall, 3.4 prereq, 92% teas. Finished my last prereq Spring 2011. I was feeling decently confident, but this must have been a competitive application pool! They should only now know how many potential openings they have, as the deadline to accept or decline your seat was Nov 2. It may be a better time to ask about your chances. Even so, I wouldn't expect to get a lot of information. I share your frustration... Being waitlisted is hard!
  3. by   dawniepoo
    For all of you who were wait listed: hang in there! I didn't get a phone call until the first week of December last year. I had all but given up hope. If you don't get a call, the next time you apply you will have a better chance of getting in. Most of my class had applied at least twice to the program.
  4. by   dlei
    The encouragement is much appreciated! At this point I have had to look into my backup plans, but the more I look the more I realize nursing is what I want, and I'll continue working for it! Hope I'm lucky as you to get off the waitlist!
  5. by   kabooski
    So that is 6 confirmed on the wait/alternative. 5 who posted here and one fellow classmate/friend who does not. His second time around applying. 1st time told that folks had finished their pre-reqs before him (2010). Finished in fall of 2011 and now this. I commend you folks who don't mind waiting 1-2 years to get into the nursing program; especially, when you could of gotten a degree/certificate in something while waiting. You only get 6 month grace period before you have to start paying your students loans if your not enrolled.

    I'm sorry I love Nursing, but I'm not playing that game. No way will I wait TWO years! after getting my A.A to finally start a program that will take another 2 1/2 years to complete and then another who knows how long to actually get hired.

    There are other options for plan B:
    Accelerated RN transition programs

    plan C:
    Medical Laboratory Science
    Physicians Assistant

    If my friend does not get placed off the wait-list and does not start in the spring of 2013, that will be one whole year before he may (not guaranteed) apply again and actually start in the fall of 2013.

    I'm applying for the fall of 2013, but I have a plan B in case I get denied or wait-listed. AA degree with a 3.95 overall GPA. (4.00 cum)
  6. by   TravelPrincess
    Now they are saying for the RN program... It is by who applied to the concurrent program, THEN categories (based on pre-req gpa), THEN when you last finished pre-reqs. When I went to the nursing session, they said nothing about gpa factored into that. It must have suddenly changed. Does anyone remember what they said at their nursing session?
  7. by   kabooski
    Yea I recorded mine BTW they said "no more A.S degree after 2013. Now RN is going to be strictly a B.S.N program. More education for the same exam and nearly the same pay. But that is the new reality we live in, too many applicants at the hospitals means they can say "we will only hire those with 4 year degrees" and with that "hospital" being the largest chain in Florida, expect having to have a B.S in Nursing to go state-wide.
  8. by   jv713
    Hey guys! I was also wait listed and have yet to hear back. And yes I have asked info from both sides asking where on the list I am.. I was told from both sides that they will not release that info... Ugh! So frustrating! I had a overall 3.67, pre req was 4.0 and TEAS 78.7! dawniepoo... Will they call is or email us? I check my email everyday lol
  9. by   jv713
    Also I am getting nervous cus I wonder If they had to use the wait list this term since from what I heard, nobody on the wait list has been contacted yet
  10. by   dawniepoo
    If they admit you, you will get a call, Jackievictoria. It happens like a flash too. All I can say is be ready . Remember, you guys still have until late Nov or early Dec to get a call. Like I said before, I was called on the last possible day!
  11. by   TravelPrincess
    You recorded it? Good to know I am not going crazy.
  12. by   dlei
    I checked back on the email and found this:

    "[FONT=Arial,sans-serif][COLOR=black]Alternates may be notified of any available seats through January 3, 2013."

    Stay positive everyone I know I'm hoping to start this program in Spring, but if not that I will look into completing another major here at UCF. I was already waitlisted and denied for the generic BSN which started this Fall. While I am definitely willing to wait for what I want, I do also have to be realistic about completing my education!
  13. by   jv713
    Still haven't gotten a call...