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  1. Well here I am at the computer. Looking for direction. I want a new Job.... Would love to just talk to nurse career adviser (if there is such a person) to see if that would help me get a better understanding as to what do to. Not a recruiter because there is always a personal motive there. ie:work for my company.Need someone who is not affiliated with any institution. Someone who could help me with my resume'. Do any of you Florida nurses know of any such person in the South Florida area? I have spent days reading want ads, surfing the net. Nursing spectrum magazine, ect. I feel as confused as ever. The med/surg refresher class I wanted to take at MDCC got canceled due to not enough students. Signed: Sittin' in Limbo
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    There are lots of people here at who give career advice. We're not professional career counselors necessarily: we're just nurses who have "been around the block" a few times and like to talk about it.

    If you'll tell us a little about yourself, your interests, etc. ... you'll probably find some people who can help you think through your situation. Browse the forums a while and try asking a few questions and/or look for some threads by people raising issues similar to yours. As you explore the site a little, you'll probably find some helpful folks.

    Good luck ... and Welcome to

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    Thanks for the quick reply. I am new to allnurses but have spent a lot of time lately looking at the forums, esp. because at this point I am only working 1 /12 hour shift a week.+ some visits on the side. I have been working Private duty and home health for the past 10 years. I have been very independent. I would like to do something more challenging. I would also like to travel someday and feel I do not have the skills needed to apply for a travel position. The last few years have been mostly private duty either in the patients home or hospital. I also do assessments for an agency that provides CNA's in the homes of people who have long term care insurance. The RN (me) goes in 1 time per month and does a 3 page assessment/evaluation to see how the person is doing medically ,check the meds and see if they are satisfied with the home care provided. I have anywhere from 20 to 30 people in my area at a time . It is just a gravy job. I do it on my own time and schedule with the people.I like doing that. I am looking for either 2 or 3 12 hour shifts a week . No benefits. I have no kids and I pay out of pocket for my own health insurance. I don't want to get tied to a job just for the benefits. I am a saver and would rather make a little more money and save it myself then to have a company control it. I would like to work seasonal here in South Florida because I have a place up in Maine that I wish to go to in the summer. My plan is to extend my stay in Maine if I am able to work up there in the summer. I am open to suggestions and am trying to listen to that soft voice inside that lives in the heart and gut and knows the path I should take. Wish it was a little louder. Thanks for listening...
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    Have you thought about going into nurse entrepreneurship or independent nurse consulting? You can check out the Entrepreneurs in Nursing Forum here on allnurses: