RN prospect relocating to miami... ex-military medics help... others help as well

  1. hello all i have a few questions long story but will try to keep short... thanks in advance for your replys..-

    i'm not sure if im posting this on the right area but here's my dilema... i'm a former USAF medic, and considering moving to miami...i'm a little dissapointed at the fact that with all the training and experience that i have, nothing really translates into the "civilian world" but my NREMT... even when it is clearly stated on my military job description that i perform duties as an LPN... i guess working in the ER, ICU, and the clinics don't count for anything... sorry to sound so neg folks but it is really disappointing, what's worst is that i can't even challenge the board... so i have read in other posts... except in CA and NY... but anyhow i'm a little confused as to how the civilian sector works but should i suck it up and go straight for an ADN? or settle for LPN course for now??? I'm considering working for the VA since posts around here seem to praise them so much... anybody know anygood jobs for former miliary medics?any info would help....how about a quicker way to become an RN? any good FL programs u may recommend? Challenge lpn board in FL a no-go? or does anyone else seem to know a way around this? Are there any waivers? What type of job would i be able to qualify for at the VA considering i'm a former USAF medic and most of the things i know how to do would be out of my scope of practice? (sigh)
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    you must be a 4N0. Well my advice would be to join the guards and finish RN school. ANG here offers full tuition and you know the AF has a P.A. program or a Anesthetist program. Your 4N skill won't translate to nothing in the civilian world unless you have prior education. It's all about license and credentials.
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    Quote from jnmoore02
    It's all about license and credentials.
    yep... it sucks though, i have so much experience... and i feel it's just a waste now... LPN salaries in South fl are horrible i might as well just do something else while i finish school... Did you end up joinng the military? i saw your other posts...
  5. by   jnmoore02
    Yeah i'm in the Air national guard. I am debating if I should stay in once I finish school. I guess it will all depends if they can get me into the CRNA program or not. Well that's all in the future.