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  1. Hi everyone! I was wondering if someone could help me out with a few thing's. My husband is in the Air Force right now. In April of this year we are being stationed in Pensacola. Currently he is MS and I am in MA. I've heard the cost of living in FL is good, but the pay isn't good at all. I work as a nurses aide and I want to go to a 1 year school for LPN. I don't know FL at all and don't know where the schools are nor do I know of any good job's as well. The town's closest to Pensacola. I guess and correct if I am wrong. The base is Hurlburt Field and once you step out of the gates your in Fort Walton Beach but go back in the gates your in Pensacola. I can ask on base about work and school which I will do but any other advice will be greatly appreciated. Also, it may seems tedious but I have a very strong Boston accent and I was wondering how the people are, accents, weather etc...Again thanks for reading this and for the people who respond. I appreciate it.
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  3. by   hlfpnt
    I wouldn't say Ft Walton Bch is like out the back door of's a little bit of a drive. There's a couple schools to choose from...Pensacola Junior College, Okaloosa Walton Community College & a university or two, but I can't remember their names (my future son in law attends one of them). There's West Folrida Hospital, Baptist, Santa Rosa Medical Center, & Sacred Heart Hospital you can apply to. Personally I believe Sacred to be the best choice, just my opinion, tho. As far as your accent goes, I wouldn't worry too much about that. P'cola is a military town, you're gonna meet people from all over the world & each one will have some unique difference! It's a decent area & the beaches are about the best there is...white sand & emerald waters! The weather is hot & muggy most of the time, you'll definately learn how to appreciate air conditioning! Or it could change within minutes & be raining. You'll become accustomed to flip-flops & shorts! And, of course, there's the hurricane season...but every area on this earth has something different that can be devastating to deal with. All in all I'd say it's a nice area with plenty to see & do. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
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    Thanks so much for the info. When its hot up here I live for flip flops and will be looking forward to wearing them except to work. I'll keep in facilites in mind for work and also the schools for nursing. Again thanks for the info I appreciate it.
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    You're welcome & all my best to you!
  6. by   mrsalby
    I am from Fort Walton, born and raised, until I moved to ABQ, NM 2y ago because of hubby PCS for Air Force and the area is beautiful. Fort Walton is out the back door of Hurlburt on the east side. Mary Esther is out the West side. Pensacola is about 45-50 miles to the West. Fort Walton has a hospital, a small one in Destin about 10 miles away. Eglin AFB is about 20 miles away and has a hospital and the new VA is being built next to it. Then of course hospitals in P'cola as mentioned above. Getting across the bridge to Pcola is the worst and can make for a long commute due to traffic. Also, there is a hospital on the Naval base in Pcola but the Naval base is on the west side of P cola.

    Schools are West Florida in P'cola, Pensacola Jr College and OWC in Niceville (about 15 miles from FWB. There is a Lurlene something in Opp Al too that some folks go to. It is about 45-60 miles N of FWB.

    Accents are of no concern, it is part of a strong southern bible belt, but it is a melting pot because of all the bases around.

    I miss the area tremenduously and we look forward to going back when my hubby retires. Fresh seafood is great, laid back lifestyle, rivers, green trees and the gulf. The beaches are beautiful too. You will love it.
  7. by   brace92
    I am looking to relocate to the same area I am currently in LPN school now, so good luck.