Relocating to FL with 1 yr RN, ADN experience. Job Prospects?

  1. Hi,

    I am in Northern VA now, but am considering relocating to FL in September (for family reasons) once I have completed 1 year at my current job on a very busy cardiac step down unit. I graduated from an ADN program with honors in May of last year and have been working since August. I am EPIC trained. Nursing is my second career.

    Any information would be helpful (pay, prospects, licensure, etc.)

    I am most curious about is the following:

    Will I have difficulty finding a job? Is the job crunch just for new grads, will I still be considered a new grad?

    I would like to change specialties to HRP, Labor and Delivery, NICU or PICU. Will this put me on the same level as new grads (meaning my 1 year of experience won't matter much)? Do these specialties take ADN nurses?

    Will I need to be in state before I apply to positions?

    Again anything will be helpful! I know you all must field questions like this all the time, but it is a big move and I would like to get sense of what I will be getting myself into.

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  3. by   ukjenn231
    I can only speak to my area (Tampa Bay) but it seems there are jobs for experienced nurses.
    To change specialities in this area, a lot of places require 1 year of experience anyway before you can go into the specialty. ADNs are hired but there is a push for ADNs to pursue BSNs.
    You can apply before moving but you should have your license before applying in most cases.
    I think you should be alright, I moved down here about a year and half ago and had no trouble with 18 months experience. I love my job!
  4. by   nursegreen
    Tampa General Hospital ( Tampa, FL) uses Epic but you must have a BSN to be hired. I believe Shands in Gainesville also uses Epic but I'm not sure if they hire Associate degree nurses. Good luck!