Relocating to Celebration area - tell me about area hospitals please!

  1. When we relocate I will have 8 months of hospital experience as an RN, and I do have prior experience working as a tech, and experience as a dialysis PCt. Can anyone recommend a good place to work? Can you tell me about the area? Give me the details on area hospitals? I would like to hear the good, bad, and the ugly! Thanks!
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  3. by   Crubinunez
    Florida Hospital -Celebration is a good hospital I did my practicum there, it is a christian based hospital. They recently build a new tower for the surgical floor and overflow med/surg it seriously looks like a hotel. Its a great working environment, nurses willing to help also a great area for housing.

    Osceola Regional - I've heard horrendous things about the hospital, especially from students who had clinicals there, overwork nurses too many patients to care for not enough help. Not to mention the 17yr old who pretended to be a physician and actually cared for patients. My friends mother works there and has been trying to leave badly.

    Florida Hospital- Kissimmee, Although it is part of the fl. hosp system I also havent heard good things about this hospital. One of the students said the nurses were arguing to see who was going to care for the pt during a code blue.

    Dr.Philips- I love this hospital it is part of Orlando Health, great resources, nurses helpful good patient ratio, great housing area/ environment more on the richer side.

    These are the closet hospital to Celebration, but there are alot of hospitals part of Orlando Health and Fl. Hosp.