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  1. Hello everyone! Is it really hard to find a nursing job here in Fl? I migrated here in Florida from the Philippines last June 2013 and have been unlucky in finding a job in the hospitals. I have RN licenses in Vermont and Florida, a BSN degree and 2 years experience in Nursery and NICU in the Philippines. I was wondering what states offer the most opportunity for nurses specifically recently migrated nurses because we would also like to transfer to another state. We like Florida but we don't want to settle here. Thank you for your time.
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  3. by   cookieatpogi
    Hi! we're on the same boat kabayan. Where are you exactly in FL? I'm in Pensacola. I moved here since Oct 2013 from California. I also hold RN license in FL. It's really frustrating. Been sending tons of applications to hospitals and nursing homes since Oct and never got a single call from them. I'm almost losing hope . I hope to hear from you soon. Let's help each other out.
  4. by   mcl87
    I live in Ocala. It's really frustrating and I want to move to another state. I'm losing hope already. Do you apply online or in person?
  5. by   cookieatpogi
    I applied online. How about you? Moving to another state is not an option for me right now. Where are you planning to move? Are you working right now?
  6. by   mcl87
    I applied online too I had interviews but was unsuccessful I am not working right now. I think there are more opportunities in Texas.
  7. by   cookieatpogi
    What do you think is the problem why your past interviews were unsuccessful? Lucky you, you had several interviews because I never had one up to now. I think this will be a very long wait, I hope not. Im also jobless right now, so it's more depressing for me. Can you give me your email ad?
  8. by   annie.rn
    Just a thought... have you looked into the hospitals/clinics/LTC in and around The Villages? My Dad lives there and they have a very nice hospital as well as a lot of clinics and physician offices. In case you don't know... the Villages is a gigantic (around 50,000 >55 year olds) retirement community in Leesburg. The place is impeccable. I would imagine the patient population would be nice. Everyone that lives there seems really happy.
  9. by   annie.rn
    P.S. It never hurts to call and send resumes to places you think you might like even if they are not advertising openings. Then, when a position opens up they may think of you. Some jobs get filled before they ever get posted. Also, go to some nursing conferences in the area. It's a great way to network. A friend of mine got hired on the spot by someone she met at a conference. She had just moved to the area and hadn't even applied anywhere yet. I found out about a job that way too.
  10. by   annie.rn
    LOL... just re-read your OP. Not much Nursery/NICU in The Villages. Still, if you're looking for a change....
  11. by   mcl87
    They want me to have more experience here in the US first which is impossible because no one is accepting me. My email ad is I'm jobless too lol
  12. by   mcl87
    Hi, I also tried applying in The Villages and Leesburg hospital but no luck too. Do you apply online or in person? Thank you!
  13. by   cookieatpogi
    Thanks phaniea69 for the advice. Im gonna start volunteering at a nursing home soon, just to get a foot in the door. For now I dont know any nursing conferences in pensacola. I hope I meet someone working in a hospital or nursing home to help me get in.
  14. by   cookieatpogi
    Quote from mcl87
    They want me to have more experience here in the US first which is impossible because no one is accepting me. My email ad is I'm jobless too lol
    This is really killing me. I'm so bored and stressed. Im almost giving up this profession.