Port St. Lucie, Ft Pierce, JFK Atlantis

  1. Can anyone give me some advice. My husband is relocating and I am thinking of working with all about staffing at first.The hospitals I would chose between would be... St. Lucie Medical Center in Port St. Lucie, Lawnwood Regional Hospital in Ft. Pierce and JFK in Atlantis. If anyone has information on these hospitals let me know. I am a tele/LD nurse so any info on these units would help as well. Anyone know what these hospitals are like, what the pt ratio is?
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  3. by   PatricksRNMommy
    I live in Port Saint Lucie and did some clinicals at Lawnwood Regional Medical Center in Fort Pierce. My clinical was on their CV Stepdown (basically a tele unit). The experience on the floor was great. The patient ratios when we were there varied from 4-6 pts per nurse, less of course if the nurse had higher acuity patients. Very nice knowledgable staff on that unit.

    No experience with the other two hospitals. Any other questions about Lawnwood, just message me. What city are you planning on moving to?
  4. by   mrreah
    we worked at lawnwood about 4yrs ago. it was a dump. in the icu you had 3 patients, on drips, hiv positive, lots of tb cases, nonworking isolation rooms etc. but....the employees were great. Everyone was super nice. i would not work there again though...
    I had heard the hospital in port st. lucie is just as bad, the call it hell ray. Good luck in your search
  5. by   suehp
    I know a few nurses who live in PSL but choose to work up here in Vero Beach in either the hospital or Rehab....so what does that say about PSL healthcare???
  6. by   NurseguyFL
    Dear, OP

    Please spare yourself the headache by AVOIDING all three hospitals that you are asking about. Although the nursing staff are friendly the facilities themselves are all pretty bad.

    You should also know that the corporation that owns these hospitals has, many times, proven itself to have highly questionable ethics. They are often in the news, and most of the time its not for a good reason. Here is a link to just one article about one of the hospitals in your list, where they actively and purposefully attempted to cover up a bad outcome on a surgical patient, hid it from the patient, doctored the patient's medical records to alter the facts, then arranged the firing and blacklisting of the anesthesiologist who reported them for doing it. They have a history of doing similar things to nurses in many of their facilities.

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