Polk State Spring 2017 - page 6

I'm wondering about everyone's Teas score for the nursing program January 2017. I got a 72.0 %. I don't know if that's enough. My overall GPA is a 3.66... Read More

  1. by   Lienne11
    I think I have a 107.8 or 108
  2. by   blondee143
    I think I know what my points are then I read and feel confused and wondering if I'm doing it right, lol!! So if my cumulative GPA is 3.65, I would multiply that by 5 and get 18.25. If my program GPA is 3.65 also, I would multiply that by 5 and get an additional 18.25 for a total of 36.5. Then from there, I would add my TEAS score (plus any points for a degree...), correct?
  3. by   Lienne11
    Yes, that's how you do it
  4. by   blondee143
    Thanks, Lienne11!!! I'm second guessing myself during this waiting period!!! Several people were asking me today if I had heard anything yet. UGH!!! Good luck to all of us!!!!!!!
  5. by   Tiff0425
    UGH! I feel the same! Like I thought I knew my points but everything gets so confusing! I think im around 108 but I keep getting mixed answers with how to calculate pre reg GPA!
  6. by   Tiff0425
    I am like watching the mailbox! I hope we all get in! People are making me nervous. Other blogs say the cut off is 110 points and up but other blogs say they got in with 107 points! Ugh I just want to know already!
  7. by   breroses
    I got a call yesterday that my AP scores (my ENC 1101 requirement) STILL havent gotten there even though I ordered them 3 weeks ago and spent the extra money to rush them! I called collegeboard and they resent them for free but I'm afraid they won't get there in time! Looks like I might be out of the running!
  8. by   MLL1023
    Just spoke to the directors assistant and she said letters will be mailed out hopefully by the end of today guys!!!!! Ahhhhhh!
  9. by   blondee143
    OMG!!!! Its a good thing I have plenty going on over the next few days so I don't have as much time to think and wait, lol!!!!! Thats what I'm trying to tell myself anyway!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
  10. by   macheskojessica
    Can't wait!
  11. by   MLL1023
    Just want to wish everyone the best of luck! Fingers are crossed!!!
  12. by   Lienne11
    I'm so nervous lol
  13. by   MLL1023
    Me too!!