Polk State Spring 2017 - page 5

I'm wondering about everyone's Teas score for the nursing program January 2017. I got a 72.0 %. I don't know if that's enough. My overall GPA is a 3.66... Read More

  1. by   breroses
    How does the choosing process go? I was hoping they would do it by address, because I live in Brandon, and the closest one to me is Lakeland Regional. All the others are a good hour, hour and a half away.
  2. by   Lienne11
    I wonder if they round up your application points?
  3. by   Lienne11
    Good question. I think you would have to call or email them.
  4. by   macheskojessica
    I reeeeeeeally hope they mail out the letters today or Monday!!
  5. by   Lienne11
    I thought it was October 1st
  6. by   audrat16
    The application says October 1st!
  7. by   Tiff0425
    A lot of the other blogs say that they got their letters around the 28th of September! I am getting really nervous!
  8. by   MLL1023
    I am so anxious to find out! I'm going to be checking my mail like a mad woman next week. I'm sure my neighbors are going to be giving me weird looks. lol
  9. by   macheskojessica
    I know the application says that, but based on previous semesters' posts, a girl can dream!
  10. by   Tiff0425
    What are you guys applying with!?
  11. by   MLL1023
    I'm applying with 109 points. not much but i'm praying i get in what about you Tiff0425
  12. by   breroses
    I calculated about 114 I think it was. Hopefully it's good!
  13. by   MLL1023
    I think you should be ok Breroses