Polk State Spring 2017 - page 4

I'm wondering about everyone's Teas score for the nursing program January 2017. I got a 72.0 %. I don't know if that's enough. My overall GPA is a 3.66... Read More

  1. by   MLL1023
    No problem! I'll let you know what they say
  2. by   MLL1023
    wow, that was super quick!! This is what they said, "The program GPA is calculated using all non-nursing courses you have completed at the time of application—AP I and II, ENC 1101 and 1102, math, humanities, DEP2004, Micro, psychology."
  3. by   Lienne11
    Thank you! Now I'll have to calculate
  4. by   MLL1023
    You're welcome
  5. by   Lienne11
    I believe I have 107.8 points now
  6. by   MLL1023
    It'll be ok! I'm right there with ya! Just gotta stay positive
  7. by   Lienne11
    You're right!
  8. by   breroses
    Just dropped off my application! Now we wait..
  9. by   MLL1023
    Awesome! Good luck!
  10. by   macheskojessica
    Does anyone have more information on the clinicals here? I've tried to do some research but they're super vague about that part of the program!
  11. by   MLL1023
    what are you wanting to know about them?
  12. by   macheskojessica
    Do we choose our clinical site? And if so, do we change each semester or is it for the whole program length? Do we have to go to all of the sites listed at least once?
  13. by   MLL1023
    We chose our clinical site. I don't know if we have to change or not. you can email the director and she should be able to tell you.