Polk State Spring 2017 - page 3

I'm wondering about everyone's Teas score for the nursing program January 2017. I got a 72.0 %. I don't know if that's enough. My overall GPA is a 3.66... Read More

  1. by   Lienne11
    Yeah lol. I hope we all get accepted
  2. by   Lienne11
    Btw, which program are you guys applying for? The transition or generic?
  3. by   breroses
    I'm applying for Generic
  4. by   Lienne11
    Do you know what they mean about alternates?
  5. by   MLL1023
    I am applying for the generic, and if anyone doesn't make it to the orientation or if they didn't finish classes that they had to have in order to get in or if people just decide to drop out, they have alternatives to fill those spaces.
  6. by   breroses
    I've read the forums from the last two application periods, and in the Fall I saw they went up to about 12, and someone said they went up to about 20 in the spring. So there's still hope if any of us are alternates!
  7. by   Lienne11
    Oh okay. I hope I at least get that rather than being denied.
  8. by   Lienne11
    You really think so? I don't know if they will accept someone in the low 100's.
  9. by   MLL1023
    I read in another forum that a girl got accepted and her score was 107, so there is hope for us!!
  10. by   Lienne11
    I wonder what is there cut off with application points. I don't even know if I calculated my pre req GPA right. Did you only calculate 4 classses for the GPA?
  11. by   MLL1023
    I just emailed them, so we can get a definite answer.
    I calculated all the pre-reqs and any of the classes I did, but i could be wrong.
    So hopefully we will find out!
  12. by   MLL1023
    and i dont know if they have a cut off point, i think they start with the highest and work until they have no more slots.
  13. by   Lienne11
    Oh okay. Thanks because it's so confusing.