Please help! Possibly moving to Jupiter Florida need some advice!

  1. Hi all!

    Well..I may be moving to Florida, and when I say soon, I'm talking within a month. Personal issues but yes, thats why its so quick.

    I currently live in the Philadelphia area and will be moving in with my aunt who lives in Jupiter, Florida (she says its the west palm beach area?). I have no idea where to even BEGIN to look for a job there.

    I am an RN wth telemetry, geriatric, medical surgical and oncology experiecnce. I am also ACLS certified.

    Can anyone recommend good hospitals to work at? Are there any magnet hospitals in that area? Also..and this is the big to I go about getting a Florida nursing licence since I'm only licensed in Pennsylvania? If I have to take another state board like test I will be sickkk! haha!

    Any advice or words of wisdom would be sooo helpful. Ty so much everyone and I look forward to hearing from you all!
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  3. by   Lacie
    For the moment I'd search for info on getting your licensure by endorsement here in Florida prior to the move. You can find all the info you need located here I was also licensed in PA and transferred to Fl recieving mine in July. It was relatively easy as long you get all the info they require while filling out your application. No you dont have to re-test. You can do the application online or by mail. Be sure you have all your ducks in order before you send in your completed information. The application and licensure by endorsement requirements are very simple just time consuming. Be sure you get the ceu requirements out of the way also prior to your application as PA doesnt require ceu's for renewal where as Florida does. After you have done this then start checking out the area via web search for the various facilities in the area as a beginning.
  4. by   LIRN

    I live right near where you're moving. Just a bit north.

    Closest hospital: Jupiter Medical Center in Jupiter. Very good reputation. Communty Hospital, very well regarded. Start there is you don't want to travel.

    Next closest:

    Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center. Big, part of a chain. Good cardiac division. All the cardiac caths in the area are done there.

    In Stuart (just a bit to the north) Martin Memorial Hospital, north and south (both in Stuart). I think it has a pretty good rep.

    In West Palm Beach (south of you) St. Mary's (has the local advanced trauma center). Also Columbia. There are more if you want to go farther. Also lots of surgicenters. No shortage of work here! You won't have any problem!

    You don't have to take the boards again! Just go to and click around till you get to the link for health licenses. It's a pretty user friendly site. It takes a little while to get the license once you apply so get on it!

    Get used to the fact that the wages in Florida are not what they are in the northeast. I moved from Long Island, so I was in shock. I'm used to it now though The cost of living is less here than on Long Island, no matter what anyone says. I don't know about Philly.

    You're going to LOVE the winter here. You're coming at the best time of the year. Jupiter is BEAUTIFUL! Wait till you see that beach with the turquoise water, and it's warm enough to go swimming all year!

    Good luck!