PLEASE help me choose a school!!

  1. I was wondering what the best schools in Florida are.

    I've looked into Valencia, UCF, and I am curious about PCC.
    Does anyone know anything about these schools, or know any nursing grads from them?

    If not, what Florida schools would you recommend?

    Honestly, I would be open to any schools in the country, but since FL will be most convenient, I chose it first.

    Please, just let me know what schools in the US, you'd reccomend, or school you woyldnt reccommend.

    I'm still in high school, but when I graduate, I would do my prereqs SOMEWHERE (community college? ), but after that I want to get my BSN.

    ANY response will help me (even a bad experience!), because I don't know of very many schools and I can't tour the country looking for one! Lol

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  3. by   AnnaRose
    Hi there,

    I'll be applying for nursing schools in FL soon. I did my research on the schools by the NCLEX pass rates. I couldn't find a condensed version of the recent rates so I went by the 2015 and looked into the schools with higher rates and double checked for accreditation. Try looking into the percentage for people who stayed in the program. I wish I knew about this site while in HS, and wish I did my research early. Its good to hear that you are starting now. The link to the pass rates are below.

    I suggest also looking into Seminole State College, FSW, Polk State and Daytona State (those are the schools I'm applying to) UCF is very competive, but I know someone in the program and she likes it. Valencia's concurrent program is somewhat competitive. Seminole seems to accept more students and the seem to still have a high pass rate. Hope this was helpful.

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  4. by   Lexi16
    Absolutly this was helpful! Thank you so much!

    I looked into valencia, and there is a 100% acceptance rate (because they go in order of applications, and as long as your application is accurate they'll eventually accept you-you may wait a semester or two if they have many applicants) ---im sure there is a name/word for this but I'm not sure what it

    Anyways , that is only for the ASN traditional track, whereas (like you said) the concurrent program is competitive.
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  5. by   hgrimmett
    Valencia, Seminole State, St Pete College, and Daytona State are all equivalent schools and all good.. it would be cheaper by far to get your prereqs done at any of those and possibly your AS/AA/ADN there first prior to applying at UCF or UF or any other big university. The schools I just named are the ones I like best, but that's me. Having a completed degree from one of the smaller schools will also help you to get in to the big FL public universities. ALL nursing programs are going to be competitive, especially the public ones. Even the local vocational school (I'm in Pinellas County now but I grew up in the Orlando/Daytona areas) is crazy competitive. That one doesn't even give you a degree, just a certificate of completion. The final time of 4 tries that I went to apply for the LPN program at PTEC circa 2012, for 24 seats in the fall class that year, they had nearly 900 applications.. and those were just those of us who got -everything- submitted on time for a random shot at getting in. A lot more people missed even getting into the applicant pool for whatever reason. I finally gave up and went with a private school because I'm not getting any younger and I want my degree and RN license.
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  6. by   Lexi16
    Thank you so much for the info! I will definitely be looking into all of the schools. : )

    Also, what did you mean by some schools only giving you a certificate?
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  7. by   hgrimmett
    Vocational schools don't give you college credits, only a completion certificate. Basically they are for folks who just want job training not advanced education. PTEC does have an agreement with SPC (St Pete College) here in Pinellasto give you advanced standing twards their nursing program if you've completed the LPN program at PTEC.I don't know if other schools do that sort of thing though.
  8. by   Lexi16
    Oh okay, got it. Thanks!
  9. by   idpRN
    PCC as in Pensacola Christian College?
  10. by   Lexi16
    Yes, I believe they have ban program. Do you know anything about it? They have low tuition so I'm not sure how well the school is.