PBSC Spring 2013 Hopefuls

  1. Hello everyone! I am planning to apply to the PT program at the Lake Worth campus. I am still anxiously awaiting the application to open up! How about you guys? Any other hopefuls out there? And, just to see what I am working with, what are your expected points? I have 29.3; I hope that will be enough. I hear that the PT program is really competitive. Anyone, taking Pharmacology? Well, good luck to all!
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  3. by   Bremac88
    Hi everyone! I took the HESI on the 6th of this month and didn't do as well as I hoped so I'm probably going to apply to the BG campus even though I live in Palm Beach Gardens (ahhhh). I heard the points are lower for BG so hopefully I'll increase my chances of getting in!
  4. by   monablue
    Hey Brema, here we go again! I couldn't do hesi again cuz I'm allowed until November (sucks) so I'm applying with same points LW full time. However, I'm surprised here is no body else!!! last round the PBSC hopefuls was crazy with hundreds of post. It was nice cuz everyone had an eye over the news. This time I'm more relaxed even when my life dream is get in, just want to take easy and do not let myself to drive my head crazy as all we did last round. Good luck ladies, hoping I heard anything from you
  5. by   Medic2RN
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  6. by   kfrey82
    I have been checking my status everyday hoping to see some sort of a change. No luck! Truthfully, I am not expecting to hear anything back until the end of the month, maybe even early November. At least that seems to be the case based on previous posts that I have read from the past few years.

    I, too, am surprised the message board has been so quiet considering the amount of posts from years prior. Maybe it'll just be us 3? Less competition, anyway!

    Well good luck! Please post if you see or hear any updates! I'll return the favor.
  7. by   2325
    My points posted today. I submitted my application on September 26th so it took 2 weeks to be processed. Good luck everyone!
  8. by   KSpriggs
    Hello everyone! I applied to the Lake Worth FT program (thankfully that one is not as competetive as the PT) my points posted on the October 2nd and I completed my application on September 21st. I really thought it would take longer for points to post.. maybe they will make final decisions for ALL of the programs at a much faster pace this semester. Good luck!
  9. by   ssmateo
    Applied to the Lake Worth FT program on Sept 28th and so far no points posted.
  10. by   Krystalanne
    My points were posted, but no word yet! I check about 4 times a day, LOL
  11. by   ssmateo
    Points posted finally. Wonder when the rejections go out?