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Hi everyone!! I probably am jumping the gun by posting this already but I'm too excited and just can't believe I'm finishing up my last semester of pre reqs for the program. I take my HESI on Feb... Read More

  1. by   tosh2mosh
    Quote from mjmommy23
    Exactly what I thought, you didn't have time to fix it before the deadline because you didn't know! Praying for you!!!
    Whats even worse is that I had everything ready to go and was planning on sending in app on May 7th. Just in case anything went wrong. However, I was waiting for my work experience letter to get the extra point. My manager took forever. I asked her the 2nd week in April to have it ready May 7th. I had to bug her every other day just to get it on the 22nd. I would have been able to fix this mistake if she had gotten it to me in time. Hope the extra point was worth it. So anyway its Thur. 4:37 and I have not heard anything yet..no news is good news????
  2. by   Bremac88
    I'm still waiting for my points to post !
  3. by   teeramisuu
    Still no ponts here either!
  4. by   monablue
    Nope! No points here
  5. by   Nadroujj
    Me neither. Turned in my app may 30 and no points posted as of yet. I'll check again Monday!
  6. by   teeramisuu
    Ugh another weekend begins at pbsc. Torture.
  7. by   btreidyx3
    no points either !!
  8. by   Irishblonde
    Last time, how long did it take to get the accept/denials after all the points were posted?
  9. by   MissJoanna
    I got in for spring 2012, apps were due 10-1, we found out 10-31, I think points were posted around October 11th ish.
  10. by   Irishblonde
    Hey joanna, do you remember how many points you had? I have 26.42 and im hoping it'll be enough
  11. by   Bremac88
    Quote from Irishblonde
    Hey joanna, do you remember how many points you had? I have 26.42 and im hoping it'll be enough
    You should be fine with those points!! At the info session Latisha said the median points was around 26 and the lowest was usually around 24. something. But you know it varies with every app pool
  12. by   monablue
    You right! The lowest point was 24.62 and it was news on October 31 afternoon. I hope and feel that this is gonna be even lower than spring 2012. Also, people is whispering the same. Hope hope hope and believe!
  13. by   teeramisuu
    Lets hope 23 is the cutoff this time and we will all start together lol in my dreams! *fingers crossed*