ORMC vs Florida Hospital

  1. I've been looking to relocate to the orlando area recently. I am most interested in getting some sort of trauma experience. I applied to multiple hospitals in the area and have interviews set at Florida hospital orlando over phone, orlando regional next week and osceola regional the next day. I really really am dying for trauma experience and that's why I applied to ormc. Florida hospital seems very eager and excited to hire me on, or maybe that's just hr, but after hearing about their base rate of $23.50 I nearly rejected them flat out before even interviewing. Is this a normal rate? Ormc is my first choice because of the trauma designation, I'm worried I may get an offer from Florida hospital before orlando regional and I don't want to reject anyone at this point.

    How is orlando regional about hiring on new staff? How competitive is it to get into their trauma center? How do the hospitals stack up against each other? Are there any specific interview questions or answers I should know going in?

    I really want orlando regional, but I haven't even interviewed with them yet, I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket. Thank you guys for your help!
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  3. by   stolenpearlz
    I work at ORMC, and as a Level 1 trauma center, if youre looking for trauma experience, then theres no better place to go. The hourly rate that FH gave you is typical of Florida, I started at ORMC as a GN and my hourly rate was 22.50 (ORMC does pay a little better than FH). You can work in the ER, trauma step-down unit, or even Trauma ICU depending on your experience. Plus, I work with nurses who have worked both at FH and ORMC, and they all say that ORMC is a better working environment, nurses are just happier working here. Also, ORMC does a lot for the community if that is important for you - we do not reject any patients, unlike other hospitals in the area that will emergently treat patients and then send them to ORMC to get long term treatment; yes, this is true, "other" hospitals do this all the time.
  4. by   WannaBNursey
    I accepted a position at ormc, just off topic what color scrubs do the er nurses wear? I buy my clothes online and I wanted to be prepared.
  5. by   hartlekl
    What is their pay scale?
  6. by   WannaBNursey
    Both places suck for pay. I'm taking less than I was making in swfl, though ormc offered me $2 more per hour than fl hospital, but fl hospital offered a huge sign on bonus with relocation fees covered
  7. by   smalltownhero
    ORMC is better!