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hello. this is my first time posting. i just recently decided that i would like to become a nurse. i want to work in labor and delivery. well the question that i have is, is seminole or valencia... Read More

  1. by   ImNotWitty
    I went over this thread and started feeling like I had made the wrong choices. I attend Valencia, and I am in my last sem of prerequs. I will say that I have felt very well taken care of at Valencia....but will still apply to SCC as well, at least once I take that pesky Algebra class!

    I guess it depends on where you are and what works for you. But if you look at it you still need the same school credits don't normally transfer(mine didn't!). The only real difference is that generic track is hands on. In the eclassroom, lab, and clinicals. Unlike standing track which is online. But it is ONLY two semesters longer!

    Good Luck to everyone! God knows with this proffession ANY route you take is bound to n=be a pretty tough one!
  2. by   ImNotWitty
    You have to take the pre requs they require! But believe need them. I am actually taking classes that are not prerequs to get the jump on my bachelors. You can do that while on the waiting list, which really isn't even that long.