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  1. Just a little curious as to what the norm is. Interveiwed today for a position on a med/surg unit that cares for both adults and children and their normal ratio was 6-7:1 on days and 9-10:1 on nights!!!! I know that ratios like this will happen, but I guess I always thought most hospitals tried to stay in the 5-6 range.... What is your facility's nurse: patient ratio?

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  3. by   NurseguyFL
    In south Florida, pretty much anything goes when it comes to ratios. Depends on the time of year and how short-staffed the hospital is. The worst I've ever personally gotten was 14 in med surg and 9 in tele, and this was during the day shift. Yeah, I know its ridiculous, but back then I didn't know that I could have refused the assignments. No way I will ever do those numbers again. Easier to just quit the place and walk away.
  4. by   Kylisa02
    I feel lucky after reading, I work on a cardiology floor and our ratio is 3-4:1 on day shift, 4:1 on eve shift, and 5:1 on nights. During the day, however, the norm is 3:1.
  5. by   LadyNASDAQ
    Up to 3 in ICU. The 3rd patient also makes it harder because the other two get only 1/3 of the attention from there and that is sooo not the way I wish to work.
  6. by   suehp
    I work Ortho on nights and my usual assignmnet is anything from 6-8 pt's with one CNA. Lately we have been lucky and been getting 5-6 but now the season has slowed we are back to 7-8. I have never had more than 8 on nights.

    During the day they get 4-6 pt's and the same on the 3-11 shift.