need nursing info for cna and lpn

  1. hi ,my name is vivian wilson,i live in the tampa area, i am currently a school bus driver (a dead end job) and im thinking of going into nursing,i was wondering how do you become a LPN?? do you have to have a high school diploma to do it?? and how about a CNA,i know you can go to the learye technical school but is the high school diploma reqiured for that ?? i have a tenth grade education, my problem is math i can pass every thing else but the math,thats what is holding me up. any info would be of great help on the nursing questions. i enjoy working with people and helping others this is why im interested,and i know that nurses are in demand. thanks,vivian
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    :hatparty: Greeting!! Yes you would need high school dipolma or a GED for either one. Cna is much easier to start off and cost less money. You could go to book store and get CNA study guide and apply for CNA exam, you don't have to entroll CNA program, but it is best to entroll CNA program.

    Email me if you have any more question according CNA program.
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    Another option would be to check into LTC, most will do on the job training for CNAs. Though you would still need your GED first. Good luck
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    Quote from DeeDee71
    Another option would be to check into LTC, most will do on the job training for CNAs. Though you would still need your GED first. Good luck
    Can you tell me what is a LTC?
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    Quote from danihorowitz72
    Can you tell me what is a LTC?
    Long term Care
  7. by   Darlene K.
    I live in Tampa, check with Erwin Tech. They offer the CNA and the LPN program. I believe that they can point you in the right direction on getting your GED. Good luck!
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    Most of the technical/vocational schools that teach the CNA and LPN programs also have the Adult Basic Education classes which will prepare you to pass the GED. I would highly encourage you to obtain a GED. The classes for GED prep around here seem to have flexible scheduling and are geared toward the individual student. Not having the GED will severly limit your career and educational options. The hardest part will be making up your mind to go for it, but I promise it will be time well spent.
  9. by   flowerchild
    Hey Viv!
    Don't give up that bus job yet! The school bus drivers on this side of the bay (Pinellas) are starting at 10 to 12 $ per hour. They have great benefits, and are members of SICU -- union. Get breaks, holidays off, etc. They are respected.
    Will you get that as a CNA? Make sure before you make the move, it might not be worth it.
    You are helping people in your current job, imo.
    Don't get me wrong, if your heart is in it, go for it. Just make sure you are making a GOOD decision.
    There are many home health care companies that will train you as a home health aid. It takes about six weeks of classes. Or check with the Tampa Red Cross, I know they used to give classes in St. Pete. You may want to try that first as no HS/GED is required and it will give you a small dose of care giving experience. Taking classes from a home care agency or LTC for CNA, will lock you into a contract where you will be required to work for them for a certain amount of time or owe them $$. Doing it and paying yourself leaves you open to work for anyone and you will hold the power to what you do and where. The later is worth it imo.
    Be very leary of private "tech" schools, they are notorious for taking you money and closing the school, leaving many empty handed students.
    Stick with the Hillsborough County Public Vocational schools if you go this route.
    Maybe you should see if you can follow a CNA at a nursing home to see what it is really all about or volunteer at a nursing home. It is hard work, manual labor, dealing with sometimes very difficult people. The nursing homes and hospitals are demanding jobs. IF you choose to work in a less demanding environment, say the schools, your pay will decrease as well, say $6 to $8 per hour, home health aids about the same. The only way you'll make what you do now is by becoming a CNA and working in a hospital or nursing home, or going for the LPN.
    I hope you understand, just trying to help, I've seen way too many start the programs after quiting a good job, just to find out it's not for them.
    Good Luck in what ever you do.
  10. by   christymungerer
    ok i'm new to this. Well, i'm in Alabama right now and i have been wanting to get into nursing for a long time now. I dont have my GED either, but some sites say you need a high school diploma and some people say you need a GED. I'm really confused and would like to know whats what. Because I am in GED classes right now, but if i need a high school diploma then these classes are pointless? I would love to be an LPN, to start off, and then if i wanted to go up then i always have that option. Maybe i can ask my GED teacher thursday when i have my class, but i seen this site and thought i'd give it a chance. I know that i have a big heart and i've always wanted to do something that actually matters and plus the pay isn't half bad i hear so its all pluses for me. And it's something that i have a real interest for. But i just want all the info on it. Maybe from someone who is doing the same thing as me or has done it already, i'd love to know. And are nurses needed in doctors offices as much as they are needed in hospitals? I dont think the ER would be for me, considering i have a 3 year old and another on the way. Anyway i'd love to get some feed back
  11. by   christymungerer
    Viv, i'd like to say that I think its great that your wanting to get into something that encourages you to be more educated. I am wanting the same thing and correct me if i'm wrong.... theres plenty of jobs that would have the same benefits (if not more) and you dont have to deal with screaming kids lol. I've been at a few crappy jobs myself and it helps to actually enjoy what your doing i'm sure. Hey that brings up a good question, can anyone tell me the benefits of nursing? Like the insurance and paid holidays and such? I'm personally wanting to do the LPN, i looked it up and the estimated salary is 32,000 I have no idea if thats good or bad, but it sounds good to me haha. And again thats in Alabama in the city that i live in. Anyway Viv good luck and i hope it works out well for you.
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    Just wanted to point out that this is an old thread and the postee might be graduated.
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    okay then. LOL.... well, thats alright too.