NE1 have any info on broward community college nursing program? - page 12

I just recently learned that a friend and I have both been accepted to broward community college. I wont be attending because i'm already taking classes at Barry and have been accepted into their... Read More

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    wow!! what a great advice. I like the way you divided pages to get to the required reading within time limit so that you know exactly how much more to cover, and have situation under control. I also took the computer course but I did it after first exam n then I had to make decision (drop or stay) but definitely that course was worth taking before. I now have all those books (fundamental success, comprehensive Review guide NCLEX-RN, Test Success), I bought those after wards(I should have before). Thanks a lot there is so much helpful information in this thread.

    (answering to your next thread) no I don't have study group, but I am trying to find people who are genuinely interested putting serious efforts toward this. anyways Good luck with the program.
    great books to have!! I had test success, which is very good at explaining to you what critical thinking is. Saunder's comprehensive review for nclex rn is the best book because you can read after you read your huge NP book and you can practice questions that way. I love those books. specially that saunder's book that I used throughout the program, and even use the CD today to study for the excelsior exams for FIU's RN-BSN program