Miami Dade College Midwifery Program

  1. Hi everyone

    I was just wondering of any past, present, or future students (who have been accepted) can give me some information on the midwifery program at Miami Dade College

    I was reading through the schools web page on the requirements for their midwifery program and it seems to good to be true.

    1 For example, the minimum GPA is a 2.0??
    2 has anyone applied with this GPA and have gotten in??
    3 Or does it just say 2.0 but the applicants who get accept have
    3.0-3.8 GPA??
    4 Is there an entrance test like TEAS or NET exam to take?
    5 What month does the program start?
    6 And is there a wait list?

    My case is, I am moving down to FL in a about a month and was looking for a decent program to get accept into.
    I have completed all my pre-reqs and co-reqs for a BSN degree (which is what I was going for, and wanted to eventually become a
    My GPA is a 2.5. It may be higher after they calculate all my course work that I've taken at 2 other colleges.

    This program really caught my attention and I cant wait till the school opens in the morning to call and ask these questions

    ANY info, (from anyone) would be greatly appriciated.

    THANKS to all:spin:
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