Miami-Dade Accelerated

  1. Hi,
    I applied for the Fall '09 semester and I have a couple of questions. Does anybody know if the program is offered at the Homestead campus? Also, when do applicants usually find out whether they are accepted or not?
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  3. by   nlion87
    Please see attached link that hopefully will address your questions
  4. by   tracie0305
    Hey daisymei.

    I applied for the accelerated and generic program for fall 2009. You will probably find out around the end of this month. What is your g.p.a??? what career are u changing from??
  5. by   daisymei
    Hi tracie0305,

    My gpa is 3.87 (I have one B in A&P 2). I'm freaking out about gettting in because I've read in this forum that at least 3 people with 4.0 's are applying. I am currently a zookeeper (Great Apes) with a B.S. in psychology. I love what I do but I want a career I can grow in (you can always keep learning new things in nursing), have more stability and make a little more money at, while still caring for others.
    And you?
    Also, do you know if the program is offered at the Homestead campus?
  6. by   nlion87
    Yes. Accelerated is offered at Homestead. See attached hyperlink which I posted above previously which takes you to homestead nursing campus web site
  7. by   daisymei
  8. by   tracie0305
    Hey daisymei,

    That is a great GPA. Well i am more worried than you because I have a 3.51. Currently I am a middle school teacher and I am soooo ready to switch careers. I am just ready to find out. Yes, I did hear that accelerated is offered at the Homestead campus as well.
  9. by   daisymei
    I've met a lot of teachers lately who seem very unhappy with the school system. Your GPA is good too! I hope we both get in!
  10. by   Shen06
    Did anyone of you receive letters yet?
  11. by   mortero
    i applied for the accelerated program for fall 09. I have a 4.0 gpa and i have not recieved anything. good luck to everyone
  12. by   brucedragon
    Hello everyone,

    First time to post here and am anxious about my MDC accelerated application. My GPA is 3.8 and have not received anything yet.

    Anyone else in the same situation ?

    Good luck to all !
  13. by   mortero
    don't worry i applied also for the accelerated program and i have a 4.0 and i still have not heard anything. They told me today that by the last week of june we will all know.