1. There are rumors circulating that Miami Dade Community College is in jeopardy of losing their accreditation for nursing? Has anyone else heard this?
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  3. by   Loraineo
    I just graduated from MDCC in May. I have heard this rumor for the whole 2 years I was in school. What I also heard is their % of passing the Boards is going up. In my class -- 14 in my class has taken the NCLEX only 1 has not passed the first time. I know the one that did not pass will pass the next go around.
  4. by   Christina_NICU
    sounds familiar to me. i go to fiu and i don't know how many times i heard pre-nursing students gabbing in their pre-req courses about how they "heard" our school isn't accredited for their nursing program, and related things such as that. also, a lot of misinformation about classes they need to take.

    sometimes i ask them if they have talked to the nursing advisor (or anyone at the department for that matter) about the things they "heard" and they usually tell me they haven never even spoken to them before, meaning that they are just pursuing this major/career completely based off the course catalog/nursing website.

    i don't know why they do this...since i was a freshman i have been bugging' the nursing department every semester with questions and advising about my pre-reqs and stuff. it saves me a lot of stress since i don't have to rely on people who aren't even accepted yet.

    lesson: just go ask the nursing department. plus, check the nclex pass rates at the board of nursing website. if you're really concerned then try and contact whoever is accrediting the school.

    p.s. i do feel bad for not telling the girl in my nutrition class a few semesters ago the truth. she was all upset over having to take physics before the pre-req anatomy. in the course catalog it says that it's a pre-req....but that's if you're a bio major! nursing students can just take the class whenever they get junior status (or sometimes you can slip in as a sophomore). i wonder how she liked those vectors...hehe! :chuckle
  5. by   Christina_NICU
    completely slipped my mind from writing that to mention my initial thought, how silly of me! :imbar

    since getting into nursing programs is so competitive maybe rumors like this get started by other hopefuls for the program to ward others off. i'm not a paranoid conspiracy-type person, but who knows. it's cut-throat out there!