Mdc chem 1033 question

  1. I haven't taken chemistry in over 10 years and I am wondering should I take a pre-chemistry course prior to taking CHM 1033. For those that have taken this course, did you find it to be very difficult? For those that took this course after a long absence from Chemistry, did you find that you had any problems?

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  3. by   NurseKitty2013
    I'm currently taking chm1033. The answer to your question depends onhow well you understood chemistry when you last took it. If you understood it well than chm1033 won't be as difficult. The hardest section of chm1033 is the organic chemistry section. Everything else is basic chemistry. Although ten years was a long time, with good study habits you should do fine. It's not goin to be easy but it's manageable. Again, it all depends on you. Good luck.
  4. by   MaxAttack is a life saver. Find a good professor and it's cake. I still can't figure out the fuss over's just the study of carbons. That chapter wasn't any more difficult than anything else we did.

    You'll do fine, don't sweat it.
  5. by   DaddysLilRN2b
    I took chemistry for the first time in college. I did well because I had a great professor. If you have a strong chemisty background and can easily recall what you learned previously you should be fine. Like MaxAttack said, going to will be a life saver. Also look into getting a tutor.
  6. by   cruisegerl
    Thanks everyone for your comments. I love this site!!!!!