Massage Therapy Training In Broward County

  1. Anyone have any information on the cost of becoming a massage therapist in Broward - and where to get info without getitng a hundred calls from the "colleges". I am onc rn based in private practice and would like to be able to offer pts something a bit extra.
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  3. by   Huscarl73
    A local CC is going to be your cheapest bet. Don't fall for the private schools sales pitch on how much better your training will be etc. It's not worth the added costs.
    As a current MT my advice to you would be to not do it. For several reasons. In 2000 the feds came out with a study saying that the demand for MT's would double over the next 10 years. In response to this the number of massage schools has doubled and they've gone from small schools graduating a few dozen students a year to large corporate schools graduating hundreds. The math doesn't work out on this. I was the head therapist at a prestigious spa in KC and for every opening I had I had at a minimum, 50 resumes. There are many forums out there for MT's and this seems to be pretty standard country wide.
    You also might consider researching Do a nationwide search for MT jobs and you will get about 50 pages of openings. The first few pages will be Mt jobs, the rest will be for physical therapist etc with massage in the job description. Again, the number of job openings vrs the number applying for them is very small.
    I do see that you are in Florida which from my research is one of the more likely places to have openings for therapists. Which will somewhat skew the ratio in your favor but the number of schools is also higher.
    It's not all doom and gloom, if you WANT to be an MT by all means do so you will love it. If your doing it because you think your gonna make lots of money my advice is to go work at Mcdonalds, you'll make more.
  4. by   OTA student
    Check school like Sheridan Vocational or McFatter. I know Sheridan use to offer massage therapy when I went there. It will probablt be your cheapest bet since it's part of the Broward County School Board.