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  1. Beyond the questions I posted about HCC and SPC, I was hoping you might share any knowledge you have of LPN programs in the Tampa area. I am unable to commute terribly far at the present time. I live on MacDill AFB and have not found many LPN programs locally.

    I know about Galen but have read a lot of bad things about Galen on this website, not the least of which is the tremendous cost of tuition. Everest in the Brandon area has a not-so-delightful reputation that I am already aware of and don't wish to have any association with the school. So that leaves ptech. Am I missing any other programs locally?

    Am I deluded to think that becoming an LPN and then entering a bridge program might be a bit easier, or rather faster?

    What is job availability in the Tampa area for LPNs? I am aware that some areas are not hiring LPNs very much any more and are relying solely on CNAs and RNs.

    The option to take online courses is very critical for me at the present time. I have 4 young children and spending hundreds each month for childcare is not an option right now. If I were to enter an LPN program I would be interested in it for the 2010-2011 academic year unless it was the ptech online program. By the fall of 2010 the baby will be in school.

    Thank you so much for sharing any information that you can with me.
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  3. by   DaniLPN2RN
    I live near MacDill AFB as well. I attended the LPN program at Erwin Tech. It is part of the Hillsborough County school system, so a lot of the days off your kids have in school, you will have off too. It's a 12 month program. If you look into it now, you may be able to start in August 2010 and finish in July 2011. They do work on a lottery system, so there is no guarantee that you will start in August. Check out their web site (www.erwin.edu) for all the info you need. I believe they recently changed their entrance test, so I can't tell you exactly what you need to be accepted. Erwin is not an online program. Their day program is 7:30am - 2pm Monday-Friday.

    I graduated in March of this year and was hoping to work in a hospital. Unfortuanately, the pay at the hospitals is not sufficient to run my household (I have 3 children). I am working at a nursing home, weekends only, making great money. I do not have to pay child care because I'm home with my kids all week. There is a lot of flexibility out there, you just have to look for it. It is difficult to get a job as a new grad (LPN or RN doesn't matter). Most places want experience of some sort.

    I know that Brewster Tech (also part of Hills Co. School system) has an LPN program as well. I'm not familiar with it, but they have a web site too.

    Good luck to you.
  4. by   happymommyx4
    Thank you so much for your reply and the information! After reading more about the job and education of an LPN, I don't think that it is for me. I haven't made that decision firmly yet though. I called an LPN program in my home state and the advisor strongly discouraged me from doing it because of my level of education.

    I was a double major in college (1 course shy of graduating when I left....*KICKS SELF*) in sports medicine and health administration. I am currently an RMT and a graduate of the top MT school. I think that at this point I am going to enroll in SPC as a HIM major. This will qualify me to take the RHIT exam. I have so many of the courses already completed that I will be able to complete the degree in a little over a year going part time. While attending, there is no reason that I cannot also complete prenursing courses as well. MTs work from home with a median salary of $14.50/hour. That doesn't sound like a lot but when you have a 6 foot commute each morning and no overhead costs (work clothes, lunches, childcare) it is a good salary. I can complete the HIM degree online.

    And, yes, I am sharing this in attempts to talk myself into believing it is the best choice!
  5. by   DaniLPN2RN
    Maybe this will help ... Several hospitals in the area have an LPN starting pay (for new grads) around $12-$12.50/hr. Nursing homes offer more with starting pay averaging from $16 - $17.50/hr. If you can make $14.50 from home with no other costs .... you're already ahead of the game.

    Good luck to you in your decision. I know it's hard to decide what you want to be when you grow up!! LOL
  6. by   happymommyx4
    Oh, you made me laugh! Yes that is exactly it! My kids talk about what they want to be when they grow up and I am still trying to figure it out!

    I have friends who also went to Andrews or M-Tec (the top MT schools) and make well over $20 per hour as MTs. MTs are paid on production so you have to be fast and have a high degree of accuracy with a very good knowledge base in pharmaceuticals, instruments, procedures, and anything else that you can think of. Just like nursing, it is not for everyone, and a lot of people think it is a fast way to a paycheck.

    You gave me a bit of perspective. Thank you.