LPN moving to Florida from Iowa- HELP!

  1. Ok. So we are moving ASAP (probably Dec) because my husband is going to be attending college at MMI for Marine Mechanics in Orlando, Fl. He starts school Jan 22, but we want to get down there ASAP to we can get settled in (we have a 10 month old). I am going to be switching my license in the next week to Florida and want to know a few things. Can I work for any period of time on my Iowa license there or do I HAVE to have my Florida one before I can start working?
    Also, how do I go about searching for an out of state job? I am afraid of not having work when I get down there and I DO NOT want to be broke!

    Any suggestions on how to do all of this? I have never moved somewhere where I didn't have family to help me out. I am kind of stressed. Lol

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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Your post has been moved to the Florida Nursing forum for more responses. Good luck with the relocation process!
  4. by   hodgieRN
    I am pretty sure you need your Florida license to work here, BUT I am not 100% sure.

    Our licensing goes through the Florida Department of Health. The website is.....Board Overview - Florida Board of Nursing - Board Overview

    Check out the FAQ or the Statutes/Rules. And, you can always call them. Make sure you know the ins-and-outs of the requirements to transfer the license. See how long it will take or find out what hoops need to be jumped through. Try and get the transfer done asap so you have lisence ready when you get to Florida.

    See if there are any continuing education hrs required. In florida, we need 3 hrs of domestic violence to hold a license (among other things). So, try and get those hrs done before you move. They can all be done online. CEU's can be found at Nurses.com under continuing education.

    Check under Human Resources (HR) job openings online. They are usually very up-to-date. You can find out almost anything online concerning job description and/or requirements.

    Before you move, check out the websites of local hospitals in the area so you can get an idea of job openings. Orlando has a lot of good hospitals.

    See if you can set up an appointment with HR before you move. Get the resume and start filling it out. Filing it might take time....sometimes weeks.

    If your options are limited, don't forget about working in other areas like dialysis, nursing homes, home health, mobile positions, etc.

    Study or review the key points to giving a good interview so you can grab the job.

    Make sure all your paperwork is in order. Find all your certificates, paperwork, graduation info, licensing, etc so it will be readily available to submit to HR.

    Make sure to constantly check up with HR when you submit your resume. They go through hundreds of resumes and you can feel weeks go by without a call. Make yourself known.

    Hope this helps