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Hi. I am new to Florida. I am a LVN/LPN with a license from California. The process to to get my license transferred has be a hassle. While looking for jobs, I wasn't finding anything I wanted, but I... Read More

  1. by   oomelissa03
    Hi stephanie did you like your experience at keiser overall? were the teachers helpful and wanted to see you succeed or was it just a money school ? Also which location is best the tampa or the clearwater campus ? i'am so nervous because I don't know which route to take within schools because some people tell me it's good and others hated the program that they went to go get help from HCC please help thank you
  2. by   DigTox
    I am very happy w my experience overall. I learned a lot and a lot has stuck w me as a GN. I went to Orlando campus but I've toured tampas campus and it is BEAUTIFUL. I am very confident w what I learned and I had the skills needed when I started working.
  3. by   Lyonda
    Hello Everyone I just got accepted to four universities into the nursing program and am not sure which one of them to take but Keiser is still number one on my list. Does anyone know about the nursing program in Keiser Tampa FL
    Am starting January. Thanks
  4. by   Jess787
    Hi. Can anyone please give some insight on Keiser University Orlando. I plan on attending in May. Any advice or help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  5. by   Etjvn723
    I went to Keiser and got my ADN. They do not take everyone as long as they pay. We had to have a 3.0 or higher GPA in order to get in. Of the 13 graduates from my class, all passed their boards first time around. We have all been hired straight out of school to different hospitals without any issues at all. I found it to be a very good school and even though it was hard they did prepare us well for
    the nclex.
  6. by   Jess787
    Thank you for your reply! 13 people graduated out of the 25 that they accept per semester. My concern is paying for a $10k semester if you fail it for whatever reason. That's a lot of money compared to a community college semester. Do you feel you got alot of support from the professors? Are the exams from ATI? That's what I've heard.
  7. by   Lyonda
    That's exactly true. I am starting this May and I am just wondering how I can get part of my student
    Loans from which would come out of private loans eventually. Am at the Daytona Beach campus.
  8. by   maugustin
    Hi I noticed a few students attended or will be attending Keiser in Orlando. I'm all the way in fort lauderdale and looking to attend the nursing program there. I had a question for the graduates or students who are currently attending. Did you do your prerequisites at Keiser or did you complete them at a community college being that's its cheaper? If so, did you have any problem transferring any of those credits over to Keiser or were they accepted just fine? I'm being told two different things from the Keiser advisor and she's pushing me towards taking them at Keiser saying that they can't guarantee the remaining classes I have to take will be transferable from the community college. However all the other credits that I took at that community college were transferable. So that was a contradicting statement. I feel like I'm just trying to be robbed of my money. Can anyone please share any insight on this matter. Thanks in advance!!!