Job Shadowing Opportunities with an CRNA or ICU RN

  1. Hi guys,

    My name is Mayah Perkins and I am currently in nursing school. I want to get some shadow experience with particularly CRNAs or ICU RN's outside of my clinicals from nursing school.

    I want to become a CRNA and realize in order to achieve this I need to work in the ICU beforehand. In addition get some shadowing hours. I currently have estimated 100-150 hours of shadowing experience during my undergrad at University of Florda Shands Hospital. I was able to shadow surgeons and CRNAs and RNs in the hospital since I was on an internship with the dept of surgery. It was an amazing experience to be able to view and participate in the various surgeons so early in my nurse schooling career!!! And I am trying to get some more experience.

    I live and go to school in Tampa, Fl. So if there are any CRNAs or RNs that wouldnt mind allowing a Nursing student/future CRNA shadow them a couple of time please let me know. You can message me on this board and we can exchange contact info via email or whatever works best.

    Thank You in advance
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