Howlong to do pre-reqs????????????

  1. How long does it on avarage takes to finish your pre-reqs???? (starting from scratch) SPC College told me 1 year, another college told me 4 months( 1 semester? are all schools the same or does it depends on performance????
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  3. by   All_Smiles_RN
    What kind of program is it? RN program? LPN? Associates degree or bachelor's degree? Every school varies. I have my RN, associates degree in nursing. It took me almost 2 years, but some of time I only went to school part time. Most nursing programs have a waiting list. So while you are waiting, you can be getting your pre-reqs done.
  4. by   Renee4christ
    in my opinion, it can done in about a year and half, but it really depends on you and what classes you are required to take when you first enter college ( prep reading and/or math) because that can put you behind. if you go both summer terms and take no breaks and always enroll as full time status, you can do it in about a year or so. it also depends how well you do in your courses and if you can get into the classes. i'm in my last semester at Valencia and i have been here 4 years, only because i took a year off, went part time for a few semesters, and had to retake a course. i do agree with the post before me about it depending on what type of degree it's for. For ASN at VCC you only need 3 sciences completed, comp 1 and 2, nutrition, ethics, and algebra done. For BSN, you need all Gordon Rule Requirements. Good luck to you. What schools are you looking at?
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  5. by   PHM
    Assuming you're pursuing an RN, much depends on how much coursework you can handle and/or other outside commitments.

    Prereqs can probably be done in a year, but some of the classes are pretty tough, imho, to be taken along with others in a full load semester. Probably will differ between programs, but the ones that really loaded us down were Pharmacology, Nutrition, Anatomy with labs. All three of these were with tough instructors and nutrition coursework had tons of "extra" project homework which other colleges, I've heard, may not approach the same way.

    Anyway, best of luck to you.