Hillsborough Community College Fall 2009 - page 5

I thought I'd start a thread for anyone starting this Fall at HCC! I'm so excited/anxious...I can't wait for orientation next week! Anyone else out there? Danielle... Read More

  1. by   irene27
    Thank you very much for your reply! I was wondering if I can get a nursing degree on line? I think Phoenix university offers one, but is it accreditated? And I'm not sure what do emplyers think of on line degrees in general?
  2. by   stephanie262
    hi guys, I already finish all my pre- requisites classes, I'll graduate in dec.20th with an AA. right now i'm only taking biology wich i have a A but grades doesn't enter yet( until dec.17th) , i wonder should I wait until the A goes in my transcript that will increase my cumulative GPA or mail my application now?
  3. by   purplestang

    Definitely Send in your application now....by the time they process it your A grade will be posted. Good Luck!
  4. by   stephanie262
    Hey guys, how's scool school so far?