Help with FLA licensing

  1. I am trying to get my Florida nursing license. My license is from TN and is a compact license but Florida doesn't honor that. Here is my question....I hear that FL licenses are lengthy to obtain and difficult to get through. Has anyone used one of the licensing companies? Are they legit? Are they worth the money? PLEASE HELP!!!
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  3. by   BRemus
    it took me about a month start to finish to get my florida license. i printed off the app and mailed it in with a money order total cost for fingerprint cards, fingerprinting, license verification, and license about 400 and i had my license within one week of the board recieving my paperwork Now I am just looking for a job
  4. by   KateRN1
    There are several threads in this forum already about endorsing a license into Florida. It's not difficult at all, just a bit of $$ and somewhat time consuming.

    1. Fill out online application at the BON website, pay fee with credit cared. ($223)
    2. Request recognition of current license through NURSYS website or via mail if your state isn't listed with NURSYS.
    3. Purchase fingerprint cards, go to police station to be fingerprinted when they arrive.
    4. Obtain any required CEUs.
    5. Mail supportive documentation to BON.

    License arrives shortly after all documentation received by BON (mine came about a week after sending it all in). There's no sense in hiring an outside agency to do it for you, since most of it is stuff you have to do yourself anyway.