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  1. Hello everyone,

    How are you? I'm a long time lurker here but I think doing so has created some angst and anxiety for me about my future lol.

    I am a UF grad in a useless degree. After attending UF I worked for a few years as a teacher and then decided I no longer wanted to do that. I decided I would become a nurse.

    Here's the kicker , my overall GPA when graduating was a 2.7. I was very depressed and anxious during my time at UF and never really got any help for it until after graduating . I went from 5.0 HS GPA, full IB diploma, and national merit recognition to being a "C's get degrees" bum.

    Here are my questions for you guys:

    1) If I ace my pre-reqs at HCC will I have a chance of getting into their nursing program? I do not doubt that I will get A's in my prereqs short of me getting seriously ill or injured.

    2) I have previous credits from UF/HS in some of my prereqs that aren't A's. My math and english courses were fulfilled by AP/IB examinations. However, I did take quite a few higher level math courses when I went to UF. I got C's/B's in those courses. When applying for HCC will they use my Calc II/III grades from UF to calculate my pre-req GPA or will they just use the S from my HS credits?

    3) If they are using my Calc scores is it possible for me to just retake their college algebra to replace my calc scores in their prereq gpa calculator?

    4) If I do, by some miracle, get into HCC's rn programs what are my chances beyond that for finishing my BSN at UF or USF? What are my other options outside of those 2 schools?

    Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   DowntheRiver
    First off, GO NOLES!

    Secondly, I work in the TB area and see a lot of people apply to HCC/USF. I myself applied and was accepted to HCC but wait-listed so I made other arrangements after sitting on the wait list. This was 2012 and I have heard it is different now from my MAs who are currently applying. I was in the same boat as you - I kinda goofed off in my undergrad and didn't get the best grades. You can re-take all those classes if you want, but I'd suggest looking into South University's program. Think of all the time you are going to have to spend re-doing those classes when it might not make an impact. Look at Pasco-Hernando, look at Bradenton - there are good programs there that you might have a chance at. We both know UF is highly competitive and considers itself an "Ivy of the South" so at most what you may have going for you there is that you are an alumni. Last I checked you couldn't even apply unless you had a 3.0 (I think) but most students who are accepted are a 3.7 or above.

    Just explore your options. Nothing wrong with doing a local ASN program and then doing a RN-BSN program after. It will get you working as a nurse and then you can even possibly get your employer to pay for you BSN. Plus, your BSN will be mostly nursing classes since you already have a degree.