Got accepted into Galen's LPN Program!!

  1. Iam wondering, how tuff their day program is.....Cause i know its from 9-5pm all week, and i have a child, how tuff and diifucult is it? And if u went to galen Health institutes.....How did you find their program?


    Thank you.
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  3. by   Kelley1818
    Hello! I am going to be attending Galen in May for the day LPN program. I am scheduled to take the entrance exam on Tuesday, January 30th. I am really getting nervous about the exam. Can you tell me how difficult this test was and what type of material is on the test. Thanks a bunch!
  4. by   flower2007
    Hi, Thats great iam so excited myself. The test is Basic Reading,writing, and Math(Fractions , percentages, Its not that hard, but its best that you practice, I failed the first time cause i was tooo slow in anwsering the questions, the test is called the CPAT, make sure u stay on track with the time while doing the test, dont leave any anwsers open. You can practice the test on

    Good Luck!! You will do fine!!! if you fail you can re-take it up 2 three times!!!
  5. by   Kelley1818
    Thank you so much for the information. I am really stressing out about this exam. I am glad to hear that it was easy for you. Math is my down fall so I am most nervous about this portion of the test. Are there many math questions on the exam? And is it difficult math? Sorry to ask so many questions. I am trying to be as prepared as I can. When do you start Galen? Day or Evening? I am hoping to start the day program in May, I am really excited! Thanks again for all of your advice!
  6. by   flower2007
    I start in feb, It s ok, you can ask all the questions you want, you can find more info on the test on, it tells you how many questions and time you get for each subject. There is 1 reading, 1 writing and 1 math section, in the math section you will get 20 minutes to solve 25 math problems, its basic math, math is also not my stongest subject so i went to a tutor for 2 weeks, what also helped me in math was going to You can practice any type of math or algebra on there. Please practice fractions and percentages, practice how to add subtract multiply and devide them. It will help you a great deal. If you are not so good in math try to do your ultimate best in Reading and writing...cause that might be able to help your score and compensate for your math problems. And remember, using your time well is important, dont spend too long of a time solving a problem, try to anwser all teh questions, cause if you leave some open that will hurt your score ofcourse.
  7. by   Kelley1818
    Thanks a bunch!! I appreciate all of the tips and resources you have given me to study. Good luck with school! I am sure you will be a fantastic nurse! Take Care!!