Good Jacksonville CVICU/CCU/Cardiac Tele hospitals?

  1. I have a year's worth of medical and post-interventional subacute cardiac telemetry and recently completed a travel assignment at a level 1 hospital doing open heart tele stepdown. I'm back in Jacksonville, Florida looking at travel assignments as well as local hospitals. I'd appreciate it if any one has the skinny on the local hospitals around here in terms of a good cardiac tele floor or CVICU/CCU (I'm considering doing an internship/preceptorship for cardiac ICU).


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  3. by   kenesha212002
    I would go with Shands human resources. Possibly Mayo Clinic here as well
  4. by   nole8302
    Since you already have tele/ cardiac experience, I would check with Baptist Medical Center downtown. They have a state of the art "heart hospital". Might be of interest to you.
  5. by   Clays02
    I was a nursing assistant at Baptist on the FLEX team. If you don't need benefits, it's a great way to work. You make your own schedule and get really great pay. They assign you based on your experience (I think). The Heart Hospital at Baptist really is a great part of the hospital. Baptist doesn't pay the best but it really is a great hospital. They're applying for Magnet right now. I just got hired as an RN at Baptist South (which is EXTREMELY nice!) on a progressive/stepdown unit but have an interview at St. Lukes on the Liver Transplant unit. St. Lukes pays a lot better. Long story short...there's a lot of options here in Jacksonville.