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  1. if anyone is out there that has attended (or currently attends) a nursing school in the state of florida, please reply with a post about the admissions standards for your school.. i have a degree in economics and am planning on taking prereqs in community college.. i had about a 2.5 gpa from a top 25 private school, but my grades my 1st and 2nd year held down the overachieving of my last 2 years. i'm pretty sure i can ace community college, from what i've heard its like.. I PLAN ON APPLYING TO EVERY SCHOOL UNDER THE FLORIDA SUN.. public, private, WHATEVER I NEED TO GET MY BSN!!!!

    also, can anyone tell me about if any of the schools in fla ONLY look at ur prereq classes' grades.. or do they look at your overall???? i called ucf about their accelerated bsn program and they said they look at overall (but that doesnt make sense to me cuz i dont see them frowning upon my C in political science class, which is unrelated to medicine, my freshman year).

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    i'm more interested in BSN programs rather than any ADN programs that might be out there.. i've already got my bachelor's in another field and plan on just taking the prereqs for nursing... so, if you did your ADN in fla, i am not interested...
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    Yes, they look on your overall GPA. The only chance to impove for you - to take all nursing prereqs as good as you can (I got A's on almost all of them). Other way to get into BSN program - to have your RN license from anywhere else, in this case any university will take you with GPA 2.5.

    I have applied to USF and my overeall GPA is 3.4, but I'm not even sure I'll be admitted, since it became so competetive that candidates with GPA below 3.0 not even evaluated.