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Hello to all, I'm interested in the ASN program at fnc. I would like to know the opinions from the current students and grads. I contacted the adm. office and this is what they mention to me.... Read More

  1. by   Netymo
    Yes Fnc is a lot more expensive, bcc is a public college and Fnc is private.
  2. by   vjsara
    if i apply qualify for financial aid still i have to pay some money from my pocket
  3. by   ChrisSosa
    Hey people,
    ok im going to check FNC South Campus next week since its walking distance from my house and i also want to do the nursing program ....just some quick questions ....

    1. What is the passing score at FNC for TEAS test?
    2. I have the McGraw-Hills Nursing School Entrance Exam .PDF do you guys think thats a good book to study from?
    3.Do you guys take the TEAS test once you get in the program or once your done with your prerequisites and about to start your core?
    4. Is there an entrance exam for the nursing program besides the TEAS test?
    5.whats the Male and female ratio in the school?
    6. I was thinking about doing my ASN first then doing my BSN so i can have some job experience and make some money...what do you guys think?
    7.Would you guys recommend this school?
    8.Is there a waiting list? :'( if so if im done with my prerequisites you think i will get a "seat saved"?
    9.what GPA do you have to maintain in your classes before you get into core?
    10. Can anyone get accepted to there nursing program?
    [FONT=Impact]THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
    -Male Nurse in training.lol
  4. by   mylittlenursing
    Ok I am an student at hialiah campus and not I am not Cuban lol. Just kidding. Ok seriously I am gonna tell you a little about my journey. First the program is one year and it just started in Agust 2010 , now the prerequirments like anatomy and physiology, chemistry, nutrition started long ago. But the real one year program just started the day I mentioned. It was easy for me for the simple reason the program was so new I start in January 2011 and I going to finish in December. I am in the second group witch means I started in January. I want t o make that clear because the program did not started in January or December 2009. I hold a AA from Miami dade college ,so I transfer all my pre req. I took the teas version 4. I bought the book from the teas and an additional guide and I passed with 78 percentage. I have to be clear cuz I was ridding other post and they mentioned It was a easy test, well I may be a fool cuz I Stadied hard but not because it was extremely difficult but the teas test have sciences that I have never seen before like geology and are simple questions but you have to study , do not think your regular knowledge is going to guide though the test because it is a very specific test and I have to be clear too it is not a nursing test it is more like general it has geology and rock formation chemistry a little, protons, neutrons and nucleo. The genetics just a few questions about alleles rececive or ... Math ratios, algebra, and a few equation and yes baby you have to study it is a hard test that has especifics that you never saw in college, but as soon as you pass for the material you make it familiar and you can pass it with no problem ,now I was told the new version 5 it is more difficult.

    Financial aid yes you have to ask for your stanford loans and additional if you have your grants that complete everything. With me was a little difficult cuz I could not get the grand for January so I had to pay 602 a month for the first three months and then I received the grand for 2011 and they accept it so now thank god I have to pay just 36 dollars a month for the rest of the year,

    No financial aid do not cover books but buy they on Internet. I spent 250 for all my book in amazon and they were brand new.

    Prepare 870 for: ATI package , vaccination, background check, ID's, uniforms, hiv class, ossa class, cpr class note: u can have a friend with the ATI books you still have to pay because it is an ATI for each class that It is worth 10 points and in order to take it u have to pay. Yes I am living in my living room and I rented my two rooms sacrifices but I love it. And not it is not cover by financial aid

    I love to be in here for the simple reason I got a C in a lab with a gap of 3.7 and MDC, BArry, Fiu, UM did accept me. I was loosing my hope and I was trying to go back to study portugues and thank god they accepted me. I just go the first semester 3 nights form 6 to 10 and from 5 to 10 , clinicals in the first semester were more flexible but Oneida de new director is getting more strict with that.
    Clinicals are really good or well depends with nurse you have , listen some of them are angels that want to guide u others are bitter mean people, recommendations: in clinicals do not fight , do not say anything fly under the radar, if u have a problem talk to ur instructor . It is not worth it to get kick out the program cuz u start a figh or ur call a nurse Fu$& bit&$ happened in my school no nice but she did not get kick out but better just be quite and do what iti is intruct to do it. I had a problem with a nurse she said to me nursing is about cleaning poop, cry and suffer. inside of me I said u need pinga mija, but I did not said anything a she got madder I went to my instructor and both laugh, so do not fight it is a lot miserable nurses, jelosy is a big issue here more if you are young. They want you mad, please do not make then happy , I had a guy in palmero hospital he was teaching me to put IV's, labs, inyect, everything and you always find a great nurses out there too.

    I love to be here it is a little college but nothing to envy to FIU, Berry, UM, or other huge universities, I have classmates that got kick out form berry, MDC, BCC, and they love it here and remember u just need to get ur lic. Then u can do your bachelor online Florida national college offers it too, it is online but too expensive.

    Rumors: I cannot say it is true, but waiting list until 2013, that they are accepting first people that took pre req. In the school from 2009 as mentioned above, that you have to repeat all ur pre req. If u are not from school.

  5. by   mylittlenursing
    Sorry I talk too much but I want to be clear cuz I was there too

    Ok for guy male nurses, ratio we are 30 people we are 9 guys the rest females but guys get more money lol just kidding.

    No u do not need other enter exam. More than teas

    You take the teas when u finish ur pre req. If you passed you are in I think if not waiting list.

    Ok this is for people that could not get into FIU, UM, BArry etc.
    New school that are accredited.

    Look for SABER, it is 28 month but it is wired cuz you are in the program and you do ur preq and core together great for people without pre req. expensive it is in flagger and I think 58 google it. So u can see anatomy and physiology and fundamentals of nursing great

    Training center accredited just start the program , my friend got in I do not know the details.

    Not accredited dade college not Miami dade college different schools that means u go to school u can have ur lic. You cannot transfer to do ut ban or master so u always a rn

    I hope that is a great help for you guys
  6. by   yanes2011
    your case what happen with you in miami dade is similar to me , the i found this wonderfull school taht accept me , also i have to repeat all my pre req but is worth it. i;m going to star the RN program in may 2012 but i am also inthe waiting list of january. is tru ius no a easy school is hard but they have very good professor . plase can you tell me how is the first semester , how is the peolpee etc, the professor etc.if we have ti study aa lott i mean i have a professor that he scared me sometimes when he say that every single week you have to read a book, etcc , please be more specif for the first semester , base in your expirience.
  7. by   mylittlenursing
    Look Leonardo the school is great , it is a little hard at first but as soon as you find the critical thinking it is a lot easier, being a nurse it is the best. All the sacrifices are worth. The professors are great and the classmates it is depend if you are Cuban it is a lot of cubans so it is great or Haitians. Try to make a lot of friends and help each other because it is a hard path I was going to get in school in may but the waiting list open for me in January so I am gonna finish in December 2011 , I still having the book so if u want them for a little price let me know. It is not the best school of the world but what u need it is to get your RN lic. If you have any question do not hesitate to ask me . Good luck and take care.
  8. by   cpet0619
    Im currently in the south campus at FNC. I can tell you we r lucky to have found this school. Good professors, Dr. Amador Good teacher, strict and honest. This is my first semester, It is hard but I enjoy it. Mylittlenurse can you tell me about the second semester? I heard its getting harder. I love ob and ped and cannot wait to start semester number 2. I pray God I pass the Nclex on the first try and get my license.
  9. by   yanes2011
    hey man how are you , i am taking mi preq , and i finish in december , i am in the waiting list of january , but tell me more about yourt fist semester , and how is the flow of the clasess , i man tell about pharmacology etcc, mi name is leonardo aguila i would like to have friends in the same school that can help me out about the school . i am goig to south campus .. thansk youy can find me. leonilandro2007@yahoo.com . thankssssssssss
  10. by   RNstudentRS
    Hello guys ,
    I got accepted to FNC for 8/2012 I'm still working on my pres I'll be done by April, my question is what do i have to do to be in the may waiting list or who do i have to talk to , since I'm taking online classes i don't have much information about what is going on in school, so any help or information would be great, Can not wait to start next year.

    Good Luck to all of you !
  11. by   yanes2011
    hello friendss i would like to have friends from the same school that i go to , i hopefully star in january 2012 the RN , so any friends that would like to share any advide with me just hit me up .okk thanksss
  12. by   yanes2011
    please i need help anyone that is already in the program can help me with this. i want to know how is the orientation for the RN programm , if we have to pay a lot of money , because i am a little scare for that , there is a lot of people trying to scare me , and i want to confirm all what the people in school told me ok . thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  13. by   RNstudentRS
    Hey leonardoaquila, im not in the program yet but when i went to the interview they told i that i had to have $1000 out my pocket for books uniforms ect.