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Hello to all, I'm interested in the ASN program at fnc. I would like to know the opinions from the current students and grads. I contacted the adm. office and this is what they mention to me.... Read More

  1. by   geisy1840
    Any tips for the RN interview. I have it next week...
  2. by   geisy1840
    Anyone selling the pharmacology book?? Please let me know 786 486 6053 thanks;-)
  3. by   yanes2012
    hello geisy how are , did they accept you in the programm please email me , ok ,
  4. by   geisy1840
    yes, i did get accepted for Jan2013!!! I emailed you, but im not sure if i have the right email. Can you email me? geisybarreiro@yahoo.com. Im taking Nutrition now starting aug 27, but im trying to buy the book online and i dont know the name. Can you help me with that?? No one answeres at FNC, i've called 500 times.
  5. by   yanes2012
    hey geysy do not buy anybook , because i think they are eliminating the books at th school okk
  6. by   geisy1840
    Oh reall!! Wow thanks for letting me know:-) how do you like the program so far?
  7. by   CDub72
    Hello Everybody...
    I wanted to know if anyone can give me information about the student loans and/or financial aid at FNC? Can you pay the loans back after graduation or do they require you to be on a payment plan?- Thank you in advance
  8. by   geisy1840
    Hi CDub72!

    They usually calculate the overall cost of your program and they give financial aid and a student loan that you dont have to pay unti you graduate, but there is a certain amount which in my case was about $2000 that is now covered in that loan and you have to pay to the school in monthly paymentS. They are pretty good in working with what you can aford. I ended up paying about 60 a month.
  9. by   rosy174
    Hello Nursing family! I'm starting FNU in January for the nursing program. I have 4 per reqs needed to start. I'm pretty nervous about going back to school. Does anyone know a former student in this program that passes the NCLEX yet?
  10. by   nonyrn
    Hello to all, hope this thread was useful to all. I just wanted to come back and give you my status after starting thread. I am currently attending MDC generic program. It is a dream come true. My advise is to be patient and persistant in reaching your goals.
  11. by   Slazara17
    Good morning Nursing fam....I have resgistered at FNU and i start on monday for the RN program...Im feeling a bit overwhelmed with the comments ive been reading (and scared!) but im excited...Ive been working in the Healthcare field for 3 yrs now and nursing has always been my dream and it looks like im getting there...does anyone have any good tips on suriviving and not getting a divorce while i finish school?? lol ...wish me luck
  12. by   rosy174
    Congrats on starting nursing school! I'll be starting after a few pre reqs at FNU as well! I'm a little nervous as well, but you can do it. As for the Hubby, family & friends it's going to be tough. Your life will be NURSING until you graduate & pass the NCLEX .... But definitely use your days off & break time to do something special with the Hubby even if it's a picnic or going to the beach. Remind him he's your #1! Good luck :0)
  13. by   geisy1840
    Hi all!!! Im already done with all my pre-reqs and now im off for term B. I start the program in January, I cant wait!!!! ;((((